July 5

Invincibility Star Amigurumi Plush Toy

Invincibility Star Amigurumi Plush ToyI am always impressed by anyone who can take some yarn and a crochet hook and turn it into something awesome.  In my mind it is cataloged as pure magic, right next to people who can take some flour and water and turn it into something edible.  My feeble attempts to learn this fibre alchemy have ended in disaster, and some half finished scarves.

Etsian Steph Cortes (NerdJerk) has succeeded where I have failed so many times, and has produced some delightful Amigurumi plush toys of some of my favorite video game characters.  I tossed and turned over whether to post the Goomba, the Invincibility Star, or the Bom-OmbIn the end I decided to feature the Bom-Omb because i like things that go all ‘splody.

So I posted the Bom-Omb and then Redd looked at it and was all “I already posted that Bom-Omb“.  Then I was all, “No you didn’t, I totally checked“.  Then she was all, “I’m pretty sure I did.”  Then I was all, “Nuh Uh!”  Anyway, it turns out she was right, but NerdJerk’s work is too fantastic to give up on, so I have worked some internet magic and now bring you the Invincibility Star!

Check out the Invincibility Star!

Visit NerdJerk on Etsy!

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