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June 28

Tutorial Tuesday: Dr Who Gloves!

Via Crafty Tardis.

Yep, Fez mitts are cool.

Don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but in the UK we’re suffering from Dr Who withdrawal now that the season’s over.

The great thing about this free mitten pattern from Nyss from Pixelated Mushroom that they are flip-top, so you can still make use of them in the summer. I’m thinking about British summer here, of course. Or if you’re like me, if you start to knit now you may just finish them in time for the winter.

Gotta love that bow tie.

June 20

Reader Submission: Dr Who Plush!

Geekcrafts reader Rebecca made this plushie Tenth Doctor for a friend who, like many of us, has more than a slight attraction to David Tennant’s Doctor. Rebecca writes:

“I made this Doctor Doll for my friend, who has a major crush on Ten [who doesn’t?!] Her husband tells me she sleeps with him [as in, the doll] in her clutches every night)  After posting the photos on facebook, some of her friends have since commissioned me to make them their own Tens, but nothing compares to the original)”

Its always nice to have your work appreciated Lauren, I love your little Ten. Especially his cheeky little smile and diddy sonic screwdriver! Do you want to see your work here? Let us know about it by using the submit a Geekcraft link.

May 16

Reader Submission! Dr Who Pixel Art Magnets!


Today’s reader submisssion comes from Etsy seller Donna Aka Arcade Artist:

“Hi there,
I love your site and thought you might like to see my new Doctor Who 8-bit characters, these are custom sprites entirely made by me as if they were in an 80’s video game.

Firstly The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and the Tardis and then each Monday after the previous weekend’s Doctor Who has aired I will be making the new Monster/Alien.

Hope you like ’em :) “

Wow Donna! What a challenge! and so far so good, she’s made The Silence and The Siren from the current series. Go to her shop regularly to check back on new creations!

I think whole concept is really unique and interesting, I love pixel art, I love Dr Who, I love cute things! This ticks a lot of boxes! Speaking of cute, check out her pikmin magnets! (anyone else hoping for a exciting, inventive new pikmin title on the upcoming next gen Nintendo console?)


July 31

This Cosplayer Had The Best Reaction To Her Work Dress Code


When cosplayer June J. Rivas came dressed for work in the above picture, her boss took issue with the way she chose to wear her hair. Ponytail? Unprofessional. Pigtails? Unprofessional. Scarf? You got it. Unprofessional. (Wow, I’d be unprofessional about half the time then, with my ponytail!)

The issue, however, was that the company had no dress code beyond “Just be clean and pressed,” which Rivas pointed out when she filed a complaint. Her boss’s reaction was to, you guessed it, issue a memo with a new dress code that included, “No straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and even cultural head wraps.”

Rivas has filed a complaint with the EEOC and she’s found a way to cleverly adhere to the dress code while her case is pending: cosplay. Each day, she wears a new cosplay that likely drives her boss nuts but isn’t technically actionable. Her Vulcan Star Fleet officer costume is just one example.


The Facebook posts that Rivas wrote about this are gone now, as are her photos. But thankfully, there are sites like Hello Giggles and Fashionably Geek around to catch this kind of stuff for us. However, it’s been reported that she ended her post with a hashtag: “#NeverPissOffCosplayingScorpios.”

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July 11

Make a Sonic Screwdriver Quilt Block


Have your choice of sonic screwdrivers at your fingertips with this cool (and FREE!) paper piecing pattern from Fandom in Stitches.  You can thank Fandom in Stitches contributor Gretchen Kohlhaas for this great idea.  You can download the pattern here, but keep in mind this one’s geared towards folks who know what they’re doing! Not sure how to do paper piecing? Try checking out the Tutorials page on Fandom in Stitches to get yourself started!

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January 24

Quit Dragon Your Feet and Get Started on This Blanket!

Dragon blanket by MJs Off the Hook Designs

You may have seen the various mermaid tail blankets all over Pinterest lately – check out this dragon version! MJ of MJ’s Off the Hook Designs created this beauty incorporating two strands of bulky weight yarn with a Q hook, in newborn to adult sizes.

She also has other varieties, including a dolphin, large mouth bass, and a car seat cozy collection. And her shark blanket went viral during Shark Week!

Done with a large Q hook, I’m curious how quick these dragon blankets stitch up. Have you tried one of these cocoon type blankets? How long did it take you? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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