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July 16

Superhero Comic Book Magnets

In nearly all flea markets, you can find a stash of comic books. What to do with them after reading them? You can make magnets! Amanda over on Crafts by Amanda has written a great post that gives you a tutorial on making them!

Comic Book Magnets


After you’ve made your plethora of magnets for yourself and friends and gifts, she has a link to learn how to make comic book coasters!

So the next time you’re at a flea market, hunt down those comics, and let the fun begin. Amanda also has 2 craft books, be sure to check them out!


September 21

Keep Warm With Superheroic Fleece Scarves

Amy Ratcliffe over at Fashionably Geek posted about these great fleece superhero scarves from OOAKrafts in Cleveland, OH.













It’s fun to dress like superheroes, but spandex isn’t comfortable and isn’t made to be worn every day. Nerdy t-shirts are another fun way to show your love for a character to the world, but they won’t keep you warm in the winter. What’s a geek to do? Add flair with an accessory like a scarf! Etsy seller OOAKrafts has a variety of fleece scarves featuring superhero logos; they look awesome and they’ll keep you cozy.

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September 1

Crochet Superhero Shield blanket

Captain America shield blanket

Just in time for the premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., look at the fun Little Super Hero Blanket I found over at Lion Brand Yarn. Methinks it looks an awful lot like a Captain America shield, no?

Made with super bulky yarn and an “N” hook, I bet the pattern comes together pretty quickly. It would make a cool area rug or wall hanging for a kid’s room. Looks like you could also easily adapt it to a pillow, so it would be even more shield-like. What fun it would be to toss that around the room while pretending to save the world!

Anyone else looking forward to the new Joss Whedon series? We certainly are in our house!

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April 19

Knit Your Own Superhero, or Stormtrooper, or Hobbit

Nerd Knitting on Tumblr has a series of patterns for dolls, across a variety of fandoms. But what caught my eye was one of the most recent posts. With Great Knitting Comes Great Responsibility.

Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite superheroes. So I was even more pleased when I wandered over to the tumblr and found characters from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Batman, The Hobbit, and even Captain Jack…Sparrow.  The pattern is worked flat then sown up and stuffed to make the doll.  The patterns build up from one another, so I’d say read a couple before you get started, but this is mentioned in each one. So get your needles and  ‘Let’s put a smile on that face’.



July 24

Tutorial Tuesday: Superhero Party Masks!

Via SewMamaSew’s Pinterest Board

How’s this for an awesome party idea, and whats more, it’s completely reusable so geeky kiddies of  all ages can relive their happy day as ‘Iron Man’ all through the year :-)

Cutesy Crafts designed these Superhero party masks and posted the tutorial and free printable templates on her blog!!

But these needn’t just be for kids parties, how awesome would they be at a music festival? a pub crawl? a superhero masked ball?!?! (yea? mind… blown!)