March 13

Fungi Embroidery

Fungi Embroidery


Who knew fungi could be so pretty? Besides Carolyn, I mean. She’s a PhD student and these “furry friends” are actual fungi that’s she’s studying in the lab. She was so smitten with them that she decided to stitch them up as a decoration for her desk. I love it! You should definitely check out her blog, Allspice Abounds, for a more detailed explanation of this piece and some great close-up shots of the stitches.

And for all you 90s nerds out there, see if you can spot the Wayne’s World reference in her post.

March 12

DIY Dinosaur Plant Markers

DIY Dinosaur Plant Markers

Spring is finally approaching! It’s time to get out spades from the shed and focus on a gardening craft.

Besides strawberries and rhubarb, I have never managed to get anything past the state of seed, but for those who can’t keep their cauliflowers from their broccoli, I present you these Dinosaur Plant Markers. Katie posted a tutorial for this simple, yet elegant project at Punk Projects. So, head over there and get your hands dirty!

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March 9

Somebody’s View Quilt

Somebody's View Quilt

This awesome quilt wall hanging was made by funthreads on craftster. I think it’s fantastic! I love space, and the colours used in this are beautiful! She describes in some detail how she made it, but not being a quilter myself, I don’t really understand, so I can’t comment on how detailed her instructions are! I adore the purple Saturn (or is it just a ringed planet?) and the rocks, and the glittery beads as stars… even the name of it, Somebody’s View, is perfect. Just imagine an alien sitting on a far planet looking at the purple Saturn. I would love to hang this on my wall!

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March 2

Sheldon Cooper Quilt

sheldoncooperquiltFor those of you experiencing another blast of winter weather, this Sheldon Cooper quilt by semel at Craftster might be just the thing you need to keep warm. Semel, of Candy Coated Quilts in Nova Scotia, said it is made of  7,500 individual squares and took 6 months to make. “I started cutting pieces for this quilt in July and finished the whole thing in January.”

And in case your very own Sheldon blanket just isn’t enough, semel posted some advice on how you could make your own Leonard, Raj or Howard quilts.

“First, I made the pattern using the above photo and This is a cross stitch pattern maker but it works pretty well for a quilt pattern as well. You will have to play with the settings a little bit to get the image you want. Once I had my pattern, I purchased my Kona colors that roughly match the suggested thread colors.

sheldoncooperquilt2“So then, I basically followed Sew Mama Sew’s instructions for how to ‘quick-piece tiny squares.’ Here’s the link to that. …I drew the grid directly on the interfacing which came in 8.5×11 sheets. Next time, I would definitely buy a pre-gridded interfacing that came in metres as this became quite expensive. This is supposed to be wash-away interfacing but I haven’t tested that theory yet.” (Don’t you like how semel worked the word theory into a post about a Sheldon Cooper blanket?)

For those of you new to Dr. Sheldon Cooper, he’s been portrayed by actor Jim Parsons since 2007 on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.” A couple of Sheldon Cooper fun facts for you: The asteroid 246247 Sheldoncooper was named after Sheldon. In 2012, a newly discovered species of bee was named Euglossa bazinga, after the character’s noted catch phrase, “Bazinga!”


March 1

Geeky Jewelry Giveaway

Last May we featured these beautiful rainbow DNA earrings by Tout Douchement:



Now she has offered you guys a giveaway! All you have to do to enter is to ‘like’ her shop via the Facebook button on Etsy  and tell us here in the comments what your favourite item in her shop is and you can win it! I will pick a winner at random next Friday March 8.

Edit And has decided that comment number 15 is the winner!! Malinda! 


Do you want to host a giveaway on Geek Crafts? Drop me a line with your information at

February 27

An Introduction

jennysortinghat Hi everyone, I’m Jenny, and I’m a new writer on geek crafts, so I thought I should introduce myself before I make my first ‘proper’ post! I will have a regular posting slot every Saturday morning!

(Photo credit to my sister, Kate, taken at the WB studio making of Harry Potter tour in London. Hey, Kate!)

I live in London, England (with my equally geeky boyfriend, Shaun) and as you may have guessed I am a massive geek and I love crafting! My favourite crafts are crochet, particularly amigurumi, and baking, but to be honest I like to dabble in a bit of everything, and I’m willing to try anything and everything once, but I have finally conceded that I am never going to be able to knit.

Geek wise, my greatest loves are Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli. I also love gaming (although I’m terrible at it, despite years of practice…!) my favourite games are currently Little Big Planet, Skylanders, Ni no Kuni, Alice Madness Returns and all the Lego games! Oh, and I can’t forget the old classics, Pokémon, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro!

I am also a massive science nerd. I have a degree in Genetics and am currently training to be a nurse in order to achieve my dream of becoming a Genetic Counsellor! I love all types of science, though, so there may be a fair few science-related geek crafts coming your way!

Of course, that’s not ALL of my geeky loves, but it gives you a taste of things to come…

Well, I think that is enough of an introduction. I hope you will enjoy my posts. Remember to check in every Saturday morning for my geeky crafty updates!!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Ca

I leave you with a taster of this utterly epic Harry Potter Hogwarts cake, made by BershoDesigns on Etsy. It could be yours for only $4800!! Enjoy!