December 15

Wednesday Wolf’s Wonderful Watercolors

These paintings by Wednesday Wolf are amazing—dark and evocative and deceptively simple. They also really run the gamut of geekery, encompassing everything from Sackboy, the Ninja Turtles’ Michaelangelo, and Gir to Powerpuff Girls villain Him, Voldemort, and even Trogdor. And I’ve never seen such a menacing Pokedex or such a tragic depiction of Dr. Horrible. It’s hard to choose, but I think my personal favorite is the Alot. (You know the story of the Alot, right?)

I’m running out of wall space, but I may need one or more of these prints.

December 13

Geeky Fan Art

I know we don’t post a lot of fan art because it’s not technically a “craft”, but I appreciate all geeky creative endeavors. There’s this under-the-radar artist, Tony d’ Amato who is consistently cranking out awesome fan art on his Tumblr page of some of the best geekiest shows/movies out there.   Everything from Community to The Walking Dead.   For the last season of Lost, he painted a watercolor of a scene from each of the episodes.   Maybe if we all rally around him, he might get a clue and start selling his prints, because I don’t know about you, but a zombie watercolor would go nicely over my mantle (if I had one).


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December 10



As an avid Warehouse 13 fan, I’ve searched high and low for awesome Warehouse 13 crafts. The results are saddening.

However, I managed to come across this amazing Farnsworth necklace based off the communicators used by the agents of Warehouse 13. The Farnsworths, invented by Philo Farnsworth (inventor of the television), are a Warehouse exclusive. But now you can have your own, just hanging around your neck or pinned to your jacket.

Just be sure to answer when Artie calls.

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December 5

Crafting Christmas Movies

I have a few movies I watch over and over and over again this season, that always put me in the holiday spirit. And I’m sure most of you, like me, can’t sit still and watch a movie. You have to be doing something, whether it’s crocheting, sewing, cutting, drawing, (anything you can do on the couch, really).

Well this season, why not make something from your favorite movie, while watching you favorite movie. You could even race and see if you can finish your craft before the movie is over. No pausing the DVD for bathroom breaks, that’s cheating. Here are a few I’ve found.

If you grew up in the 80’s, like me, you know all about the forgotten Henson Classic, The Christmas Toy. It was released on DVD a few years ago, which is great, because my VHS copy recorded off the TV was really wearing out. Now you can make your own Mew, and have the “cat toy, people toy” argument until your heart’s content.

Check out CRAFTYISCOOL1 ‘s beautiful work.


My next favorite is another Henson great, Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas. (something about Jim


Henson and Christmas just go hand in hand) Check out this amazing needle felted work from REMAINSOFTHEDAY.

The Muppets make great crafting projects, because they are made out of felt to begin with. It’s a lot easier to recreate than a person, although, this next boy looks pretty amazing in felt. Here’s an Emmet Otter I crocheted.  



Check out Ralphie’s bunny costume, from A Christmas Story, made by Etsy Shop My Little Cabbage.

So go grab your supplies and your remote, cuddle up on the couch with that blanket you made last week, and whip up some great crafts to go with your movie. How cute would it be to give someone the DVD of a great Christmas movie, and one of these crafts to go with it?


Ooo, now I know what to get my Secret Santa……….


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