December 26

Futurama Crochet Doll Patterns!

Okay, okay.  As 2012 breathes down our neck and we think about the future, what better to get you feeling cozy about it then some Futurama dolls?

Admittedly, I’m not linking to anyone but myself  (Hooked Hands) today, but I used to sell these Nibbler and Leela dolls on Etsy, and the powers that be (the lawyers representing Futurama) told me and everyone else on Etsy to stop selling Futurama inspired crafts.  They cannot however keep me from giving away those patterns to you!  I wrote them up and put them on my blog, so I decided to share them here. Happy New Year everyone!

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December 24

I choose you, Bulbasaur!

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen pixelated Spock quilts and then it morphed into Mario afghans. Now, SoreLoser has taken it one step further. WOW!, her afghan is amazing!

SoreLoser has created Bulbasaur in large crochet form! Being a relative newcomer to crochet, the amount of individual little squares needed to create this piece boggles my mind. I give her an A++ for Vision AND Perseverance!

Bulbasar Free form Crochet Afghan


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December 23

Chevron Seven Locked!

Stargate SG-1 was one of the first geeky tv shows I ever became addicted to. That being said, I often find myself searching for cool crafty things that will help me show my love of this amazing exploration team. However, Stargate merchandise is fairly expensive, and crafts that have Stargate ties are few and far between.

So to help you on your journey to Stargate fandom-ness, here are a few things I’ve found that help show off our favorite wormhole jumping teams.


1: Stargate Themed Refrigerator Magnets
So that every time you open your fridge to get your filling of blue jell-o, you can be reminded of this amazing show.


2. Stargate Atlantis Chevron Earrings.
The Atlantis gate has always been my personal favorite gate. So these earrings that show off the Atlantis Chevron are at the top of my Stargate fan must-have list.


3: Jaffa Necklace
A beautiful handmade necklace with the Jaffa symbol


4: Stargate, For a Good Time Dial…
Looking for a way to lure that special geek? Wear this shirt. Achievement Unlocked!


5: Hello SG-1
What’s cuter than a Hello Kitty with a Jaffa symbol on their head? Nothing, I tell you.


6: Replicator Pendant
Be careful with this one, it’s a bit dangerous. Also, it’s kind of awesome.


7: SG-1 bag
This bag makes you easily recognizable to all the other Stargate fans.

8: Stargate Ring.
A great ring to wear when traveling to other planets. It lets the aliens know where your from. Though sometimes, that might be not be a good thing.

With all of this gear, you’re ready for a battle with a Wraith/Ori/Gou’ld…. Or at least ready to have a major Stargate marathon.



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December 22

The Owls are Not What They Seem

I love this embroidery I found on Flickr, by user knitxcore! And the photography is as wonderful as the stitching. Apparently the holidays (in the Pacific Northwest!) have put me in a strange Twin Peaksy mood. I’ve been Googling for crafts along these lines. Perhaps it’s time for a re-watching.

Anyway, the embroidery: according to Flickr, she used a transfer for the owl, wrote the text by hand, and then stitched over both. This sounds like an excellent holiday project for any Twin Peaks fans out there!

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December 20

Tutorial Tuesday: TARDIS Christmas Ornament

There’s nothing more christmassy than the TARDIS (or at least, not in my house, where the Daleks wear Santa hats and the Dr Who Christmas special is the cornerstone of the day).

And with not much more than some felt and a hot glue gun you can make your own TARDIS for your tree… not included in Carrie526‘s tutorial, however, is how to make it bigger on the inside… :-)

December 20

My favorite Christmas Cards

Is it some kind of Star Wars blasphemy to depict Darth Vader as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer or the Star Trek emblem as a Santa hat, well then these 2 Etsy card makers know no boundaries.

Maybe it’s too late to get these cards this year, but there’s always next.  Merry Christmas!

Darth Vader Reindeer by Etsy shop crabappledesign

and Star Trek Santa by Etsy shop Darkstars Creation