August 2

Dr. Who Tardis Earrings

Dr. Who Tardis EarringsI love Doctor Who.  I have been watching since I was a wee little geek boy and the series has continued to entertain me as I have grown into a strapping geek man.

Julie Smith of BohemianCraftsody on Etsy makes all kinds of geeky jewelry, but these Tardis earrings are perfect in my opinion.  The problem is, I don’t have pierced ears.  So I need you to wear these in my place.  Just be sure to tell everyone that you are wearing them for Pauly.

Check out the earrings!

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August 1

Feeling a little…sluggish?

Futurama Brain Slug According to the academic resource Futurama Wiki, a brain slug is “a species of space parasite that attaches its jelly-like body to the skull, presumably the brain of a human, and controls them. The specimen is green in color and consists of a translucent jelly-like body complete with two feelers and one large eyeball…The easiest way to tell if someone is infected would be the Brain Slug mass which sits atop of their head.

Should you wish to make someone think he is infected, just perch one of these crocheted Brain Slugs on his noggin. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

This project makes me think of another amigurumi project – Baby Monsters by Allison Hoffman, aka CraftyIsCool. I made some in red for co-workers for Valentine’s Day, and called them “Love Monsters“. Naturally they were a big hit.



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July 29

Go Team Venture Necklace

I was so shocked to learn yesterday that there was no Venture Brothers on Geek Crafts. So after Henchman 21 yesterday, I’ve followed it up with Hank and Dean Venture!

Awesome Etsian Pica Pica Press carves these by hand onto brass. It is a million kinds of amazing.

Her shop is full of epic geekery so you should go and check it out post haste.

Buy this necklace

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July 28

Henchman 21 Flickr Thursday

We now have a new segment here on Geek Crafts. It’s called Flickr Thursday. It’s where I, your beloved Redd, go into the Geek Craft Flickr Pool and share some awesomeness with you. Be sure to join the group and add your geekery! I don’t want to have to go elsewhere on Flickr!


This week I found something fabulous. A Henchman 21 embroidery!

It was submitted by the talented astriusstar.

Who is Henchman 21 you may be asking? He’s from The Venture Brothers of course! Something that if you aren’t already, should definitely be watching.


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July 27

Zombie Felties Book Review and Craft

I should start this review with honesty, I am not crafty. I know you are probably thinking, “But, the website is Geek CRAFTS?” Yes, it is, but I am just so geeky I only had to fulfil half the requirements to be allowed to write here, plus I love looking at all the fun crafts people across the web make. I am making this confession, as part of reviewing a craft book, is of course, making a craft from said book.

Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skate is a great book, each and every feltie project in it is a great mix of ghoulish and adorable that makes them very hard to resist. My favourite thing about these creatures, is they are as small and fun as amigurumi, but without the hassle of becoming really, really good at crocheting. Of course, being stubborn and a little stupid, I chose a 3 skull difficulty project from the book (1 skull=easiest, 4 skulls=most difficult).

First, the positive things about the project–they are very small, so if you are a regular crafter with felt, you will likely already have all the felt you need in your scrap pile. As a person who doesn’t sew at all, I managed to get all the felt I needed from a remnants bin in a fabric store near my mother-in-law’s house, I got more than I needed and still only spent about 70pence (not sure what that translates to in American, I am on vacation here and the exchange rate is still a mystery). For the other bits and pieces, I chose to use the supply list as a suggestion and not a rule, and so I managed to find the eye, monocle, and cord in a tin of random bits and pieces, so they were free. My mother in law had a good supply of embroidery thread already, so again, a regular crafter would have most things on hand, someone just starting out would have probably had to spend a few dollars on embroidery thread, but over all, very inexpensive to make.

In addition to being very inexpensive to make each craft, I found the patterns to be fairly simple (no need to resize them) and, a lot of fun. One suggestion would be not to use your regular sewing shears and opt for a sharp pair of smaller scissors, for the smaller patterns. The over stitch used on the outside is a very forgiving stitch for imperfect cuts and mistakes stitching, so I liked that a lot (I only pricked myself four times).

The only real negative I saw, was that while there are instructions in the front of the book for each of the required stitches, if you are a true beginner, you will probably find the instructions within each project to be fairly vague. One favourite was “embroider the nose in satin stitch, making a small heart shape”. When paired with the explanation of a satin stitch in the beginning, it didn’t make a lot of sense, and when compared to the picture of the finished project, it didn’t look possible they had used the stitch they described. A person experienced with embroidery wouldn’t have an issue–my mother in law saw what the issue was right away and we went about it slightly differently than the instructions implied, but got the intended results. The idea is that the book will provide a challenge for a novice or a veteran, but novices be warned, when attempting the more challenging projects, have someone around who knows the ins and outs.

As a non-crafty, non-sewer, I found a lot of frustration in making the vampire feltie, but it was obvious the issue was with my skill level and not the instructions (who knew stitching without inadvertently tying knots in your thread was so difficult?), and although I look forward to trying out a few other patterns from the book, I will probably restart with the one skull difficulty and invest in a thimble. Most of the issues I had with the pattern had to do with how incredibly tiny the finished dolls are, but, of course, that is really what makes them so adorable and inexpensive to make, so it’s a wash.

Here is a final picture of my Vampire feltie, over an Air Mail envelope (business sized) with a one pound coin on his left and a quarter on his right to show you the size:

Over all it was a great book, and even with my limited skill, talent and experience, I think i did okay, so that speaks to the quality of the instructions. I would definitely recommend it to friends interested in sewing fun feltie dolls. Look for it in August!

EDIT: We have one copy of Zombie Felties to give away! Just leave a comment here with your favorite zombie or vampire movie by Saturday at midnight ET and we’ll pick a random winner. Earn an extra entry by commenting on someone else’s post!


July 25

Bitter Work

I will admit I didn’t watch the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender until after I saw the movie (I actually hadn’t heard of it). But I went home and rented it and it’s fantastic. So having the slightly obsessive personality that I do, I started looking for Avatar crafts. And I found this: an awesome Lego sculpture by Ochre Jelly based on the Season 2 (Earth) episode “Bitter Work”. Aang (the Avatar) is having difficulty learning Earthbending, but Toph refuses to be soft on him (get it…cause Earth is hard?…I’m sorry, it’s Monday). Anyway, the sculpture is awesome and there are more views on Ochre Jelly‘s flickr page (as well as other awesome Lego creations).

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