November 4

Friday Roundup: Muppet Crafts!

Quite aware that I am dating myself, I have fond memories of watching “The Muppet Show” when it was actually on TV (which premiered in 1976 – groan…). As my husband also shares an affection for the distinctive puppets, our kids have grown up with the movies as well – one of our Christmas traditions is to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. Good times. We’re quite looking forward to the next installment, when “The Muppets” launches on November 23rd.

So for today’s roundup, I thought I would offer up to you a bounty of Muppet-related craftastic goodness. First up, a fabulous crochet Animal hat, from Etsy shopowner, TeeterTotterTot.

Animal hat


This Miss Piggy Cameo hairpin from Katey Bree Designs is really interesting – where would one get a Miss Piggy cameo??

Miss Piggy cameo hairpin


Beaker is one of my favorite characters, so I love the idea of the two of these guys “peeking out” from a framed cross-stitch (PDF pattern available from LizzyStitches). How could you look at this on your wall and not smile?

Beaker and Professor Honeydew cross-stitch pattern


This Kermit the Frog cup cozy looks like a quick and easy Muppet craft – and kid-friendly, too, since it’s from Disney Family Crafts.

Kermit the Frog cup cozy


Made up of 16 different blocks, this Muppet quilt by Roxy Nova is one impressive project! Be sure to click through to revel in close-up shots of each block.

Muppet quilt


The sweet fuzzy bits on this crochet double pom baby hat by Naturally Hooked would really make any baby look like a sort of muppet!

Double pom Muppet baby hat


I almost wish I wore glasses so I could have a reason to make this Professor Honeydew glasses holder amigurumi project! Heck – maybe I don’t need a reason!

Muppet glasses holder


I’m going to have to start soon, if I want this Yip Yip costume for next Halloween – which I do! Love these!

Yip Yip costume


Finally, give your own Muppet shows with this fantastic Muppet puppet theater from Someday Crafts!

Muppet theater


OK, OK – I won’t leave it that. Here’s a little bonus: OK Go’s version on the Muppet theme song.

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October 31

Doctor Who Poodle Skirt

Happy Halloween! snow_whisper made this super cute skirt, and it’s a great costume, a combination of TARDIS-love and Doctor Who lore (I’m thinking of “The Idiot’s Lantern”). The rickrack is trimmed with embroidery of the words “Pull to Open”, “Police Box” and of course “Vworp”, leading to the TARDIS itself! She also made a felt fez for a friend who is dressing up as Eleven. I wish I had thought of this. Love it!

October 30

Geeky Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Patterns

Just in time for tomorrow’s spooky big day, I found some fabulous pumpkin carving templates with a dash of geeky flair, and a side of Joss.

That’s right – Firefly-inspired jack-o-lanterns. Aw yeah.

JackOLantern pattern -Mal Reynolds Firefly

From the PinkRaygun, I present for your geek-out pleasure – Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates. There are 9 patterns for Firefly, one for each character, and 3 bonus patterns for characters from another short-lived TV series, Heroes.

PinkRaygun also offers a lovely archive of pumpkin carving patterns, including patterns for The Silence from Doctor Who, Rorsharch from the Watchmen, Star Trek: The Original Series (ST: TOS, for those in the know), and this fantastic Wonder Woman pattern.

Wonder Woman Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Carving pattern

What geeky jack-o-lanterns are you planning (or have you carved in the past)?

Happy Halloween, geek-crafters!

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October 24

Burdastyle’s Halloween Competition: the Cute and the Geeky!

If you havn’t entered Burdastyle’s Bernina Halloween Competition this year you’re too late! but here are my picks of this years cutest and geekiest offerings:

I absolutely have to stress that this is just a small snapshot of the HUNDREDS of entries, you burdastylers have really cranked it up a notch this year! See the whole list of entries here.

My ABSOLUTE favourite is Sassy-Pantslight up Angler Fish Costume just for the fact that it will probably genuinely scare the bejesus out of anyone who’s lucky/unlucky enough to be on Sissy-Pants’ boy’s trick or treating route.

Dmajen‘s Ash Ketchum costume, Ananda473‘s Buzz Lightyear costume and Suewanda‘s Link Costume (not pictured), all get credit for being super accurate and detailed.

While Vivat Veritas Flower and Bee Costume, Lsekiya‘s Angry Birds Pig Costume, Ananda473‘s Toy Story Alien Costume, JessicaScissor‘s Ewok Costume, Dneimat‘s Dinosaur Costume and Sparney‘s Sushi Costume, all get the ‘dawww!!’ award for dressing your freaking adorable babies and toddlers in the most geeky and eye-wateringly cute costumes imaginable.

Well Done everyone!

You can vote for your favourite on the BurdaStyle Site from 25th October until midnight EST on Sunday, October 30th!

October 9

Gearing up for a shiny Halloween with Firefly costumes

Just over 3 weeks until Halloween (at the time of this posting) – do you know what your  (or your kids’) Halloween costume will be?

Browncoats Prom - Firefly-inspired Duct Tape costumes In case you’re still in the “seeking Divine inspiration” phase, let me point you to this very divine Firefly costume set. MADE. WITH. DUCT. TAPE. I saw this post first on, but it looks like the conversation started over on Toledo392 posted there, requesting votes for his entry into Duck Brand’s “Stuck at the Prom” contest. He wrote:

“In this contest, high school students from all over the country create prom outfits using duct tape. Ten finalists are selected from all of the entries, and online voting determines the winner. To demonstrate my devotion to Firefly, I created my duct tape ensemble inspired by Mal’s tux and Kaylee’s dress from Shindig. These outfits made it into the top ten.

I used over 20 rolls of duct tape, and had to overcome laws of physics (all those ruffles are heavy!) as well as wear the outfit in Phoenix summer temperatures exceeding 107 degrees.”

Very impressive, and indeed – very shiny.

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October 2

GeekCraft roundup: GIR!

My daughter is very into “Gir” these days – the sidekick from the Invader Zim cartoon. She’s hoping to pull together a Gir costume for Halloween. So in researching various DIY options, I pulled together this roundup of Gir crafts.

BehindtheSofa created her own Gir cross-stitch pattern, and stitched it onto a black hoodie.

Gir cross-stitch by BehindtheSofa

When I was a kid, I used to love Shrinky Dinks, so these Dog Gir/Robot Gir earrings by Lynn Aquaheart caught my eye.

Gir earrings

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