April 29

To Boldly Crochet a Starfleet Insignia

Star Trek crochet Starfleet insignia

I was so excited to find this tutorial for a crochet Starfleet insignia – I’ve been wanting to make a cozy for my husband’s Kindle Fire, and now I can attach this insignia to it. I suppose I’ll make the cozy either blue or gold, because we all know what happens to anything covered in red…

I can also think of all sorts of other ways to use a Star Trek symbol – Christmas ornaments, afghans, hair clippies, binky holders, backpack embellishments… What would you like to adorn with a bit of Starfleet bling?

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April 27

Captain Kirk Cross Stitch – Flickr Friday

Captain Kirk Cross Stitch I know, I know, it’s supposed to be Flickr Thursday, but Flickr Friday just sounds so much smoother doesn’t it? Anyway, this week’s Flickr pick is this totally awesome James T Kirk cross by Flickr-er leemaccrochet.

She says it took a little over a month and is over 17,000 stitches! Amazing!

April 22

Take Your TARDIS to School Day

Can one be a “non-practicing Whovian”? I think that’s what I am. I have seen a handful of episodes, and appreciate various Dr. Who references when I see them out and about, but must admit I don’t always get what I see in the shows. Maybe because I haven’t watched a whole season all the way through?

Practicing or not, I can still give mad props to young Oraicia, who painted her locker, and two of her friend’s, as a TARDIS (which, by the way, stands for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space“).

TARDIS lockerTARDIS locker closeup

Here is how she described her project, which apparently was an art project for school (get to paint your locker for a grade?? Cool!!)

 The process of painting the locker was a bit lengthy. I first had to prime the locker, which left it in a nasty-looking shade of grey. It stayed this colour for much longer than I would have liked, due to the no-blue-paint issue. After I got the locker primed, I went on to sketch out the design. This involved a lot of measuring, in order to get proportions as close as possible, and to get the design to be symmetrical. When the design was sketched out, painting could commence. I taped the borders, so that the paint would only go where I wanted it. Each part of the locker required multiple layers of paint. Anywhere that was white took two layers. Blue areas took three; a light layer, a medium-toned layer, and a dark layer on top. Because I painted the layers on with a sponge, you could see some of the lighter layers through the darker surface layers. This was done in order to recreate the ‘wooden’ texture of the TARDIS.

I know there were several points in my high school career when I wished someone would just appear and whisk me away – maybe Oraicia created the ultimate “Get Out of High School Free” card with a few strokes of blue paint. If only I had known that’s all it took, I could have saved myself many embarrassing moments.

I also have to wonder if the lockers are bigger on the inside.

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April 15

A Town Called Eureka

Monday marks the first episode of the final season of a little show called Eureka. As some may or may not know, I watch an TON of SyFy. Eureka is one of my favorite shows on the channel. The fact that it’s ending has my heart breaking.

In an effort to find something to quell the ache in my heart, I turned to Etsy. I was a little saddened to see such little content on this beautiful show. That was until I came across agirlfrommars‘s shop. In my hour of need, I saw this beautiful and simple homage to my beloved show and couldn’t help but squee.

The Global Dynamic phone charm is perfect for those of us who like simple ways to show their geekiness (which from my posts, is pretty obvious I’m one of those people).  The small charm with the logo of the company where everything can go right (but usually goes wrong), keeps those of us devastated by the cancellation of this show satisfied in pretending that we were there.

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April 14

For Little Geeks on the Go!

For those of us who are parents, we all deal with the same problem of how to keep our little geeklings occupied and/or quiet when needed. Yesterday while perusing Pinterest, I found the most amazing answer!


A Star Trek Quiet Book!  I am in AWE! Julie has created an amazing quiet book complete with a full set of the Next Gen characters in finger puppet form, transporter, a Vulcan salute and Geordie’s glasses.

Heck, I think I’d have to buy two of these books. One for my kids and one for ME!

Check out Julie’s etsy for even more of her geeky, creative genius!

julies blog: My Star Trek Quiet Book.