January 14

Dalek Victory!

Dalek Victory

This one is more like a victory over the Daleks with its detail and accuracy. It’s an amazing cross stitch Shae made of the Daleks’ Victory poster from Season 6 of Doctor Who. Not only has she managed to chart and stitch this out, but Shae was kind enough to share the charts for this cross stitched poster here.

Shae is a multitalented crafter who also does machine embroidery and paper piece quilting among others. Her crafting can also be found in her Etsy shop, ShaeWow. You might want to be aware that her items sometimes have adult phrases on them but she has items from various fandoms and in different media.

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January 11

Desserts, Moustaches, Geekery

The tagline for Betty Turbo’s Etsy shop is: dessert, moustaches & muscles. Naturally, I approve. And that sort of sums up the content of her shop—her prints feature things like cupcakes and Parks & Rec’s furry-lipped Ron Swanson, and a variety of wrestlers. What this description omits, however, is the geekitude. (See, we got to the relevant part eventually.) Because, in addition to the aforementioned desserts, moustaches, and muscles, the shop contains awesomely geeky prints of Dr. Horrible quotes. And a Rupert Giles birthday card. And a Star Trek/Twin Peaks crossover. And the majorly spoiler-y Dammit Joss Whedon print, a visual compendium of major characters who died in Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible. (Don’t click if you don’t already know!)

Oh, and just because some of us (I’m not saying who) love him so very much, here’s a bonus card featuring everyone’s favorite undead Brit, Spike. I feel like this print would make a good inspirational message to tack up next to your mirror. Yes, Spike, go ahead and call me gorgeous every time I look in the mirror. I could deal with that…. Sorry, fantasy has taken over again.

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January 9

Gir Quilt

Hiya geeks!

Quick post from me today as my keyboard is typing Gobble De Gook so I am having to use the on-screen keyboard so it is taking aaaages to type anything.

Today I would like to show you this awesome Gir quilt made by lyric889 from Craftster.

This monster of a quilt is 40 inches wide by 54 inches long; using a staggering 1,344 squares. That is one big quilt!

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    January 8

    The One True Seeker

    Having recently started re-watching the series “Legend of the Seeker” and putting the first book, of the book series the show was based on, on hold for me at the library, I thought I’d try and find some craftiness that had been inspired by this series.

    RuthNoreDesigns has made these beautiful necklaces that resemble the one worn by our favorite Seeker, Richard Cypher. Along with the amazing bone like pendant, she also makes completely gorgeous replicas of the Night Wisp necklaces.

    Whether you’re a fan of the “Sword of Truth” series by Terry Goodkind or just a fan of the tv show “Legend of the Seeker” these necklaces are a beautiful way to show off your love for either series.

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    January 6

    Friday Roundup: Crafts With a Bite

    Hello, all! It’s time for the Friday Roundup!

    As part of this week’s post, I have a confession to make: I really enjoy reading what I call “stupid vampire novels.” The good ones are more in the “urban fantasy” genre, but a lot of them, to be honest, are best characterized as “paranormal romance.” (Let’s step back a minute and reflect on the fact that that’s a whole genre unto itself. Right? I know.) I’ve read all but one of the Sookie Stackhouse books (and watched a season or two of True Blood), all of the Anita Blake books, all of the Kitty Norville books (yeah, she’s a werewolf, but it counts), and, yes, that other series that I’ll leave unnamed. That other series could be its own roundup, I’m sure. This isn’t that roundup, though.

    As much as I’d love to share some Kitty Norville crafts, there aren’t any (or, if there are, they are well hidden from Google)! I was shocked! We’ll all have to band together, as a Geek Crafts community, and remedy that. ;)

    Happily, though, there’s a wealth of Sookie and Anita Blake craftery out there, and I’m here to bring you some of my favorites from Etsy.

    First up, these very fun Sookie Stackhouse book cover earrings, by maryfaithpeace. It sounds like she puts a lot of work into these—there’s even “page ridge detail”! You can mix-and-match or buy two alike! I love it!

    Next, a charm bracelet, admittedly based more on True Blood than on the books, by Creative Accessories. (Who, by the way, has a coupon code up right now—and offers a plethora of geeky jewelry. Nice!)

    Here’s one for any ladies wanting to do some easy cosplay: a Merlotte’s waitress t-shirt, by Scarlett Fabric (also sporting a coupon code!). A couple of red marker dots and this shirt makes an easy Halloween/convention/costume party getup!

    If you’re really into the costume, you might want to add another element: scent. Mannaia Frangrances has you covered, with “Bon Temps,” which she describes as “A dark, distinctively southern scent for the vampire, fairy, or fangbanger with taste. Includes notes of magnolia, sweet iced tea, wisteria, bougainvillea, and a good dose of peach.” I’m … kind of intrigued. It sounds nice.

    The next one, I admit, I hesitated before deciding to post. I’m a little tired of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” thing—it’s a fun historical reference, but, for the time being, it’s probably been played out. I think. Then again, I laughed when I saw this pendant by Red Hot Kitten, and I would totally wear something like it. So maybe there’s a bit of play left in that meme.

    Now, on to Anita Blake. Perhaps because she doesn’t have a TV show or a movie, there are fewer Blake-themed crafts out there. But she has a comic (there goes that paycheck), so crafters do have some imagery to work with. Here’s a card holder (ooh, a library card!) with an image straight from the comic, by Japip:

    A different print from the comic appears on these earrings, by WenSi Shop. The guns dangling from the photos of Anita make it much easier to identify her, I think. ;)

    Alternately, she could look more like the Anita Blake in this print by Tara Fortin—which I love, by the way:

    And, finally, to leave you with something just a bit macabre, here is a necklace by Bottled Up Creations, featuring a “hand sculpted human heart” in a bottle, with a note saying “My heart belongs to Jean Claude ♥ [signed] Anita Blake.” This one kind of creeps me out. It probably wouldn’t be everyday wear for me. But Halloween? Oh yes. I would totally rock this necklace on Halloween!

    A few of our past vampire-themed craft posts:

    January 4

    Bake It So.

    Awesome. Redditor Tomaka made her friend this brilliant Captain Picard “Bake it so” apron. She’s not selling them, unfortunately (despite the pleas of similarly geek-minded Redditors), as she rather understandably doesn’t want to risk being sued. However, if you’re into screenprinting, you could easily whip up a similar design for yourself. Incidentally, this is now going to be my new catchphrase next time I bake a pie. (Yeah, I might be talking to myself, but the important thing is that I keep myself entertained, right?)

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