June 9

Jinkies! Velma Canvas Tote Bag!

Jinkies!  Eco Friendly Canvas Velma Tote Bag!Velma was the original geek.  While Shaggy was busy eating sandwiches and Daphne was busy complaining about dirt under her fingernails, Velma already had it all figured out.  It was Old Man Hinkle who ran the abandoned amusement park all along!  Now you can carry crime scene evidence around in style with a crazy awesome, eco-friendly, Velma Tote Bag from Etsian WhoDoesntWantThat!

The designs are applied with professional heat transfers, and custom orders are welcome, so what are you waiting for?

Get yourself an awesome Tote!

More awesome stuff from WhoDoesntWantThat!

Click here to see who won the Name the Geek contest!

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May 27

Crafts of WonderCon 2011

WonderCon Intro 2If the San Diego Comic-Con is the arena rock star of the convention world, then San Francisco’s WonderCon is the concert-hall favorite. It’s not nearly as big, but much more manageable, and (in my humble opinion) just as much fun.

I attended two days of this year’s Con, where I met numerous writers, artists, and geek icons. My favorite folks to talk to, though, were the hard-working crafters tabling throughout the Con.

Some had made items to promote books and webcomics, others were devoted to selling thier handmade crafts. No matter the reason, though, they were always happy to stop and share a little about their creations.

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May 25

Fascinating Quilt

I love quilting, but I tend to stick to more traditional patterns. But maybe it’s time to change that! Funthreads made this Spock quilt for the Spring 2011 online Blogger’s Quilt Festival?. It was intentionally made so the image is difficult to see up close. But step back and there’s Mr. Spock! Funthreads said she usually gives away or donates her quilts, but this one she made with her husband in mind. Nothing says “I love you” quite like Star Trek. She started with a pumpkin carving template, and designed the whole thing from there. It’s 58 x 82 inches, so I can only imagine how long this took. But it was obviously worth all the effort. She details the whole process on her blog and it’s…fascinating (Sorry! I couldn’t help myself!) Good luck with the festival!

May 22

Star Trek on Pinterest

Boldly Go - Star Trek pillowHave you discovered the web treasury/bookmarking site called Pinterest? It’s a “place to catalog the things you love.” And since I do love me some Star Trek, I was so very pleased to find this Star Trek “Pinboard” by Edie Rowner. At this time, she has 42 “pins” in this category, all related to Star Trek DIY-awesomeness.

She pinned the fabulous felt pillow pictured at left, some intricate Star Trek insignia socks, some geek soap, a Kirk amigurumi, and a pair of Star Trek earrings.

Have you been using Pinterest? Got any geeky-crafty pins to share? Link us up in the comments!

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May 22

Invader Zim Treasury

This week’s Etsy Treasury of the Week is brought to you by Invader Zim and his awesome side-kick G.I.R.

Be sure to click on the picture to be taken to the treasury and explore the awesomeness further.

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