December 22

The Owls are Not What They Seem

I love this embroidery I found on Flickr, by user knitxcore! And the photography is as wonderful as the stitching. Apparently the holidays (in the Pacific Northwest!) have put me in a strange Twin Peaksy mood. I’ve been Googling for crafts along these lines. Perhaps it’s time for a re-watching.

Anyway, the embroidery: according to Flickr, she used a transfer for the owl, wrote the text by hand, and then stitched over both. This sounds like an excellent holiday project for any Twin Peaks fans out there!

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December 20

Tutorial Tuesday: TARDIS Christmas Ornament

There’s nothing more christmassy than the TARDIS (or at least, not in my house, where the Daleks wear Santa hats and the Dr Who Christmas special is the cornerstone of the day).

And with not much more than some felt and a hot glue gun you can make your own TARDIS for your tree… not included in Carrie526‘s tutorial, however, is how to make it bigger on the inside… :-)

December 20

My favorite Christmas Cards

Is it some kind of Star Wars blasphemy to depict Darth Vader as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer or the Star Trek emblem as a Santa hat, well then these 2 Etsy card makers know no boundaries.

Maybe it’s too late to get these cards this year, but there’s always next.  Merry Christmas!

Darth Vader Reindeer by Etsy shop crabappledesign

and Star Trek Santa by Etsy shop Darkstars Creation



December 19

Freezer Paper TARDIS Hoodie

Hello Geeks!

Today I would like to show you this amazing TARDIS hoodie from Samantha_McKay on Crafster.

She ordered her brother a sonic screwdriver set for Christmas and decided that he needed something to go with it; she looked up some designs on the internet but none were quite right.

So she sketched her own design and made a stencil out of Freezer Paper and applied it to a plain hoodie (Blue of course).

December 18

What a crazy random happenstance!

If you have these on your wall, what does it say to people who walk into your house?

“I have a PHD in horribleness.”
“You’re driving a spork into your leg.”
“I don’t go to the gym, I’m just naturally like this.”

somekindofrobot on Etsy has made these beautiful canvas paintings of your favorite Dr. Horrible characters. They’re definitely unique and will certainly liven up the place when Dr. Horrible gives you the keys to a shiny new Australia. 

Also in her shop you’ll find a Boba Fett canvas painting, Ghostbusters painting, and even a GLaDOS painting.

December 16

ROUNDUP: Big Bang Theory Crafts

We’ve been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory episodes lately, so I thought a roundup of Big Bang crafts might be fun. The Internets did not disappoint me.

Big Bang Theory amigurumi crochet plushies

Craftyclogs posted this great amigurumi crochet set of Big Bang Theory characters at Craftster – complete with patterns!

Big Bang Theory cross-stitch

Doaflip posted this understated Big Bang Theory cross-stitch project on Craftster – an ode to Sheldon‘s Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock decision-making technique.

Big Bang Theory embroidered Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock flowchart

Another crazy-detailed needlework project – a flowchart of how Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock works. The crafter, mindboggld, took various pictures from the internet and imported them into Visio to create the chart. Clever girl, and extra geek points for using Visio! I would love to just get a poster print of this for my son! Click on the image above for close-ups!

Big Bang Theory Tile Coasters

Also from mindboggld, a set of Big Bang Theory tile coasters, with 3D molecule renderings she found at I love that it includes Lactose, since Leonard is lactose-intolerant. These were included in a swap with the above embroidery! I can’t believe she gave them away! Clever AND strong, that one!

Big Bang Theory plushies

A fun & cozy set of Big Bang Theory character plushies by cubosabio on Deviantart. As one of the project commentors said, “these rock more than Care Bears.”

Big Bang Theory Hako Clones

I hadn’t heard the term “hako clones” before seeing this Big Bang Theory paper toys project – I guess I always referred to them in my head as “paper cube heads”. Perhaps hako clones has more (ba)zing(a) to it. Bonus: the artist ditch-scrawls posted the templates in his papercraft gallery. Be sure to link over there, because he has lots of other geeky hako templates, like Luke Skywalker, Superman, Army of Darkness Ash, Highlander, & Dr. Who.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga earrings

While neither my son nor I are particularly crazy about Sheldon’s catch-phrase, I do like the simplicity of these “Bazinga” earrings by Just Duckie Designs on Etsy.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon clock

I’ve seen these photo clocks at Hobby Lobby & Archivers, but never would have thought of putting TV stills in the spaces, like this Sheldon clock by P.S. Francis. You could also intersperse pictures with character quotes. Might be kind of fun to have different clocks in each room, each highlighting a different show or movie. A Firefly clock, anyone?

So, all you BBT fans out there – what are some of your favorite quotes?

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