September 14

Pretty cunning, don’tchya think?

“Man walks down the street in that hat…People know he’s not afraid of anything”. Ah, Firefly. No better way to recognize a fellow Browncoat than by seeing their “Jayne” hat. Or in this case, a hat cross stitch. silentblair stitch the iconic hat with the quote from the episode “The Message” (where we see Jayne get it). The pom poms are 3D, which is a really cute touch. She also backed it in “Browncoat issue underpants plaid”. Of course, now “Hero of Canton” is stuck in my head…

September 7

Dr. Spudberg

Tomorrow is the season finale of Futurama *sniff* So to get us through this dark time, I bring you Dr. Spudberg! This Mr. Potato-head mod was created by mrtruffle (Ashley Ringrose) based on Dr. Zoidberg, his favorite character. I love his claws and that he’s smiling (with teeth! He has teeth in the pilot). mrtruffle said that Bender was his other favorite character, so let’s hope he does him in Potato form next!

August 25

The Doctor Who Experience

i kissed a dalekHave you ever wanted to lay a big smooch on a cute little Dalek? Anyone? …Just me? Well, just in case I am not the only one, I thought I’d tell you guys about The Doctor Who Experience in London‘s Olympia, where I got to lay one on this little guy (make love, not extermination).

A couple years ago, I wrote about my trip to the Coventry Travel Museums Doctor Who Experience, and that was amazing. I thought this would be a larger scale version of all the awesome I experienced there–hanging out with the Ood and K-9, taking pictures next to the TARDIS, that kind of stuff…

K niiiiiiineAnd was I ever wrong. The Doctor Who Experience is truly an experience. Buy your tickets in advance and show up early, because you will join a group, and walk into what is basically an episode of Doctor Who, written for you to play in. Matt Smith (as The Doctor) appears on screen through out, to guide you through Daleks, Weeping Angels, and tons more while you help him get his TARDIS back and defeat the Daleks. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say the two children in attendance were not the only ones having a blast. When you come out the other end of the interactive portion, there are more displays, including all of the Doctor’s costumes, and most of his enemies.

I took a picture of The Silence, because…well, you know. The Silence

There was also a great space set aside to show what the Doctor Who writers’ office looks like, and perhaps geekiest of all, an entire display on how the theme music and sound effects are done (and have been done) throughout the series.

There is no shortage of things to make a Whovian go “squee”. I spent at least an hour snapping pictures of all the displays, which include life sized models of four different TARDIS incarnations, a ton of villains, and many of your favorite companions. I can’t recommend The Doctor Who Experience enough. As we were going in, there was a boy about seven years old, dancing in circles and chanting about how excited he was for the exhibition–when we left, goodie bags full from the gift shop, I admit, I was behaving similarly.


Matt Smith



    It is a running exhibition with dates through (at least) November, so no reason to miss it, The Doctor is counting on you!

    August 24

    Beaded Tom Baker “Scarf”

    More Doctor Who goodness! I love the fourth Doctor’s (Tom Baker) Scarf. But I can’t knit and all of the replicas available on etsy are out of my price range. But this is brilliant: a beaded scarf necklace! España Sheriff made this for a friend, who was getting ready for her first Gallifrey One convention (cosplaying as Tom Baker, of course). She used 15/0 Toho rounds, in a combination of matte, metallic and transparent finishes.

    A lot of the comments on the post at Crafty_Tardis said that they loved that it was “stealth geek chic”: to geeks it’s instantly identifiable and when you see one there’s no question that the wearer is a Whovian, but to everyone else it’s just a really cute necklace. Either way, I want one!