September 12

Zelda Armor

Zelda Armor

There’s a great thread of costumes on Craftster, which is where I found this Princess Zelda’s Magic Armor. bold_as_love made the armor for a friend and says:

The whole thing was made with craft foam, gold spray paint, jewels, and closes in the back with a gold chain so that it can be more fitted to the wearer. I use this tuttorial Which was amazing, althouhg I did skip a few steps.

July 28

Creeper World – new RTS/defense game

creeper world
Ok, this one is totally NOT crafty at all, but a new PC/MAC game is absolutely geeky. The only reason I’m posting this is because a friend of mine created this game. The game is called Creeper World and it’s a RTS/Tower Defense type game for PC and MAC. You can find out more and download a free demo at I typically dislike RTS games but I played through the first three levels right before I wrote this and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ll be going back to finish the demo.

May 9

Guitar Hero Scarf


So if you live anywhere near me, it isn’t scarf weather anymore. Not even close. But I’m sure somewhere in the midwest it’s still snowing, and I hear that Siberia is quite cold this time of year. Anyway, this blog isn’t always about functionality, is it? No. No it’s not, so when I saw this six foot long Guitar Hero Scarf featuring the actual riff from “Killer Queen“, I threw caution (and the weather) to the wind and decided to post it.  Domestic Scientist posted this in two parts, a progress entry and the finished product. This is a rockin’ accessory.

May 6

5 Amigurumi Sackboys by causticmuse

I just came across this amazing crocheter (is that a word?) – Maggie Wang aka causticmuse – on Craftster. She has made a whole bunch of cool, very geeky amigurumi dolls based on Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet. I couldn’t pick a favorite as they’re all great, so here are five:

Sackboy Coraline


Sackboy Level 80 Blood Elf from World of Warcraft

Level 80 Blood Elf from World of Warcraft

Sackboy Lobo from DC Comics

Lobo from DC Comics

Sackboy The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment

The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment

Sackboy Girl from Invader Zim

Gir from Invader Zim