June 10

DIY Romulan Ale

Romulan Ale

According to StarTrek.com, Romulan Ale is “an infamous blue alcoholic beverage with a powerful kick, the drink has been banned in the United Federation of Planets since before 2285, and is still not a commonly known commodity.” It “was illegal because of a Federation trade embargo in the late 23rd century (as mentioned in Star Trek II: The Wrath of The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country) through the late 24th century (per Star Trek Nemesis). (SOURCE: Romulan Cuisine on Wikipedia)

If you aren’t lucky enough to find a contraband source (Quark, perhaps?), you can try making your own via this recipe for Romulan Ale.

If you aren’t interested in drinking something that might affect your gray matter, you might be more interested in these energy drinks from ThinkGeek.

April 6

Mountain Dew Voltage Giveaway Winners

Big thanks to everyone who submitted a geek craft! Through the very scientific process of my husband and I picking the entries we liked best, here are the winners:

Mario in Polymer Clay

ICandee made this scene from Mario Brothers in polymer clay.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cake

Tae submitted this absolutely amazing Millennium Falcon cake on Ace of Cakes. How could anyone stand to cut this one up?

Crocheted Pi

This very cute crocheted Pi symbol was made by Alicia Kachmar and submitted by Taine HR.

Star Wars Bantha Plush

JasonT was inspired by a project on the Star Wars Kids Craft blog and made his own Bantha plushie.

Zelda Triforce Drink

LyricalDevil submitted this Zelda Triforce drink, recipe by The Domestic Scientist. I think this is the first beverage we’ve had on Geek Crafts.

Taine HR, Lyrical Devil, JasonT, Tae and ICandee – send your real name and address to shayne@geekcrafts.com so I can send you your prize packs!