January 22

Eyebot Minions

Eyebot army As soon as I saw these little guys, I feel in mini-robot love. Though probably not technically robots, I’m sure you’ll agree they’re quite lovable. Hand-crafted by self-proclaimed “wood butcher” Colin Johnson, these pieces are made of reclaimed cedar wood and dolls’ eyes. Would you have guessed they were made from wood?

They make me think of little Minions from Despicable Me, or even the little alien dudes from the Toy Story trilogy. What do they make you think of? How would you use or display them?

Eyebot army

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January 4

Make your own robot. (or as least decorate your own)

Who doesn’t want their own personal robot? Well check out this cute little guy, Wendell.

I love that he comes as a blank slate, so you can decorate him any way you want. He’s also open source, so you can program him to do your bidding.


And check him out dressed as Michael Jackson doing the thriller dance.


December 28

Geek Love


I celebrated my 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Bronze is the traditional 8 year anniversary gift, which made me think about Steam Punk weddings, chemistry themed weddings, robot weddings, etc.  I still am hooked on looking at wedding ideas, and here are a few I think I would use if I were to get married again, (to the same guy, of course.)

For the robot love, check out this amazing robot cake topper, from Etsy shop buildersstudio . We have one on our mantel, and I love seeing it everyday.


Who needs a rose, when you could adorn your lapel with a Lego man. Check out these cool Lego boutineers from off beat bride.





Check out these awesome robot wedding shoes also from Off Beat Bride.







And if you’re more into games than robots or Legos, check out this board game wedding cake. (that I made for my friends Deb and Brad.)



December 8

Visions of Sugarplums (& Electric Sheep)

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s understandable that we might all be getting a little excited, girls and bots alike. (Come on—you can’t tell me Data didn’t want to put Spot in a kitty-sized Santa hat.)

So here’s one for the robots in the crowd—or at least the robot aficionados—who want to deck the halls in a suitably festive fashion for this human holiday known as Christmas.

First up is a binary stocking, appreciated by androids and the technologically inclined alike. Oh, and if you’re multi-talented, you can knit one yourself with n2 Imaginations Design‘s pattern.

Next we’ve got a stocking by AnimationsDesigns that may outshine even Rudolph’s nose. Robots? Check. LEDs? Check. Awesome? Definitely check. And look at all the detail—each little robot is different.

If you want something a bit more understated than an illuminated stocking, My Imaginary Boyfriend has a slightly more traditional, rather rustic design (as rustic as robots get, I suppose).

And finally, I had to include this adorable stocking stuffer robot ornament from Sleepy Robot 13. I know, it’s not a stocking per se, but he’s holding one, so it kinda counts, right?

July 6

YouTube Video: Jolly Rampage

I’m so excited about this, you have no idea.  I live on YouTube.  I love YouTube.  YouTube is like the epicenter for everything awesome on the internet (aside from geekcrafts.com).  One of my favorite things is when I stumble on a new YouTube channel as it is starting up.  My latest find, marydoodles, was recommended to me by another YouTuber, nicepeter.  She does time-lapse videos of watercolor paintings that are just amazing.


If you like her paintings, she puts them up for auction after each video posts.  So far she has done paintings featuring Unicorns and Robots, so it’s safe to say that she is absolutely amazing.