August 10

Make These Beautiful Gallifreyan Window Blinds!


After finding this awesome tutorial, I knew I had to share it with you all. Kristy GD from the blog Please Excuse My Craftermath posted this lovely step-by-step tutorial, complete with downloadable printouts for the stencils, to make these awesome Gallifreyan window blinds.  Even if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, you’ve got to admit this design is really lovely!

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August 9

Crochet Patterns: Puffing Along with Harry Potter

Harry Potter puff crochet patterns by Lee Mac

In honor of Harry Potter’s recent birthday (July 31st), I bring you a set of adorable Harry Potter puff crochet patterns from Lee Mac of

A self-proclaimed pop culture addict, Lee has developed step-by-step tutorials for how to create charted/colorwork squares featuring Puff versions of some of her favorite Harry Potter characters: Harry, Ron, and Snape.

As an aside, these patterns are based on the Powerpuff Girls version of Harry Potter characters, but I was unable to track down the original artist for that concept/art. Anyone have  a link?

Lee also has a pretty amazing Hogwarts Bunch charted afghan you’ll definitely want to check out.

Have you ever attempted chart/colorwork in either crochet or knit? I’m working on a TARDIS crochet afghan and it’s really challenging!

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August 8

Wee Witch’s Cottage

witch cottage

Pottermouth of Savannah, GA recently uploaded a series of photos of her miniature witch’s cottage to Craftster, and it is amazing!

The project began with Alpha Stamps Magic Potions kit which is a mini 2.5″ x 2″ tin, lots of tiny bottles, resin skulls, some DIY bottles and stoppers, collage sheets, an eye charm, and a crystal ball! The lid of the tin was removed and she left the hinges pulled out to hang a charm and key from the bottom. Alcohol inks were used to color the edges, and then the rest was covered in paper from the Tiny Vintage Scrapbook collage sheet. The little shelf is simply a piece of painted balsa wood. Some of the bottles and stoppers were made with beads that are also in the kit, and she used the most microscopic labels from the Secret Spell Book collage sheet. Sharpies were even used to color in the liquid inside the bottles. She turned the kit into a potions shelf for a witch, which was a tiny little thing itself. What to do and how to display it? Hmmmmm…

She built a cottage to display the shelf. Problem solved!

She used a sheet of quality foam board and a sheet of dollar store foam board to make the walls. Pottermouth got the rocking chair and fireplace at Alpha Stamps and the hutch was in the stash. Balsa was used to make the table and ratty picture frame.

If I were small enough, I’d want to move right into this great little room!

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August 7

Baby Geekery

In celebration of my sister having her first baby, I have collected some of my favourite geek crafts for babies.


There are some amazing baby crafts available on Etsy. Some of these are super cute! There are hundreds of things there that I love, but these are just a few of my favourites.

hp keys

How about some Harry Potter inspired keys flying around the ceiling, you just have to catch the right one!!

muggle born onesie

And what do you think of this onesie I made for my new baby niece? I can’t wait to educate her in geekery as she grows up!

August 3

Make Your Own Tardis Charging Station

tardis_phone_charging_station_finished01 tardis_phone_charging_station_finished02

As Fall approaches, it’s a great time to get organized, and what better way to clean up the clutter than with your very own Tardis Phone Charging Station!  Check out this lovely  tutorial by Haley Pierson-Cox from the blog The Zen of Making (published in its entirely on! She’s got step-by-step photos and even a downloadable PDF pattern to get you started.  I imagine it would be pretty simple to size this cute little Tardis up or down to custom fit your own phone or iPod. Plus, the use of plastic canvas helps ensure all your stitching is even and looks fantastic (so no worries if you believe you can’t hand sew!).

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August 2

Marvel-ous Kids Furniture Renovation

Marvel dresser by Melissa Nieves

I’ve mentioned before the fantastic geek fabrics that are becoming more readily available, both online or in local fabric stores. Every day I see new fun prints that make my fingers itch to get geek-crafty.

I recently spotted this fun dresser and lamp re-do by Melissa Nieves, and it has me salivating over the fabric, AND eyeing the furniture in my house for possible makeovers. I’m sure the superhero in her life was super-pleased with her results, too!

I actually got a couple yards of the bottom two prints and plan to make matching skirt-scarf sets out of them – just searching for the right pattern. What fun new geek fabrics have you spied recently, and what do you plan to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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