November 8

Knit a Stuffed R2D2

As the designer theredlineknitter says its for the tiny Jedi in your life. You have to start them young, its the rules.  Small huggable and sure to be dragged on wild adventures. Knit in just a couple of pieces (body, arms), this guy is ready to roll. As the designer says:

This very huggable stuffed R2D2 is bound to become a favorite friend for any Star Wars fan. He’s big enough to be a sidekick, but small enough that he can be carried around by even the tiniest future Jedis.


So grab your lightsaber knitting needles and head off on to adventure.

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November 3

Minion hat (and costume)

Minion costume

Needing a Halloween costume for a party this year, I opted to be a Minion from the movie, “Despicable Me.” I found some overall shorts and a yellow shirt at a local thrift store, some yellow tights at Target, and borrowed the boots from my daughter.

But the crowning glory (pun intended) of the ensemble was the crochet Minion hat, thanks to a free Ravelry pattern by Jennifer Dougherty. It took me just two evenings to whip up – one evening for the yellow cap, and one evening for the goggled-eye.

While Halloween has passed, perhaps this project will still inspire you for holiday gift-giving. The pattern provides instructions for child-adult sizing, so you can create your own family of Minions in time for the holidays!

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November 2

Potatoes Diana

The next time you’re having a dinner party, how about serving Potatoes Diana, courtesy of The Kitchen Overlord.

potatoes diana


Doesn’t that look amazing?! I love the lasso!  Want to make it yourself? How could you not? You’re in luck. The recipe is found over on The Kitchen Overlord. They have tons of edible art for you to drool over. Think of the party you could throw! They even have vegan jerky crackers. You know you want it.  Be sure to come back and let me know how it was!

The Kitchen Overlord

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November 2

How To Make Monster Teeth

Allen Hopps of Mesquite TX, also known as Slilt Beast Studios, is an imaginative designer, actor, and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for the haunted attraction industry. Well known for “thinking outside of the box,” Allen is constantly looking outside of the Haunted attraction industry for products and techniques that can be adapted or remade to fit the need of Haunted attractions.

teeth plate

With just two colors of hot glue sticks, Allen has a video tutorial that shows you how to make prop teeth for sets, costumes, props, and masks.

For a list of Allen’s other tutorials, check out his website. Get cracking on your Halloween and haunt decorations now…you’ve only got 363 days until next Halloween!

November 1

Live Long and Prosper, Baby

Well, Halloween is over. The pumpkin flavored everything season is over, let the peppermint flavored everything season begin. And I don’t know about all of you people, but it seems like my friends have caught a serious case of baby fever. This leaves me trying to come up with baby gifts for everyone, and in that search, I stumbled across this adorable onesie.

Star Trek

Based on the Star Trek: The Next Generation’s command uniform, Leigh of Fun Things to Do While You’re Waiting created this onesie from two t-shirts and a pattern she found. She used small round buttons for the pips, and created the comm-badge out of sculpey clay. This gift would be perfect for any Trekkie and their next generation (hehe), or a gift from a nerdy aunt or uncle. So head on over to the walkthrough and get to sewing!

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November 1

Winter is Coming Knit a Scarf

I know, I know, that’s getting really old really fast. But I mean it this time. Knit a scarf that says “Winter is Coming”  Really, Captain- Rachel modified the original pattern so it can be double knit and legible on both sides.  She has charted it out so you can make yourself a nice warm scarf for this coming winter.  And send out the warning before the ice zombies show up.


I have a love of double knit scarves that are truly reversible, so this really makes me happy. I have a double knit scarf on the needles but, who can’t do with more scarves?



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