June 12

Tutorial Tuesday: ‘Real Life’ Portal Loop

portal loop

Ok, so I cheated a bit, it’s not really a tutorial, but Technabob reader Florian Aich has certainly made himself one awesome conversation piece. I’m putting it up as a Tutorial Tuesday, because all you need is is colored LEDs plus Portal-shaped mirrors and you’re sorted. A geeky art installation to be proud of. Just don’t try and chuck a ball through to test it, your mom/husband/wife/children will be mad.

June 1

HOWTO: DIY Star Wars Light Saber Lamp

diy star wars lightsaber desk lamp

I saw these Star Wars light saber lamps online recently and really wanted one for my sci-fi-themed office. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify spending $65 on it – and even if I could, they’re not actually out yet. Every place I have looked has them sold out or not available yet. But… could I make one? I remembered a toy light saber I had seen at recently for ~$10. I saw a DIY cityscape lampshade recently online not too long ago that I could use the same concepts for the shade. My daughter has an Ikea lamp that would be perfect for this. So, I made a Star Wars lightsaber lamp for about $20. Here’s how…

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April 24

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Lego Table!

Oh wow! check this out!

A great tutorial from Meet The Dubians on how to make your own Lego playtable out of a cheapo Ikea side table!

Did you know that If you built a column of about 40,000,000,000 Lego bricks, it would reach the moon…?

And astonishingly on average there are 62 Lego bricks for every person on earth (?!)

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March 23

Ikea Hacked Circuit Board Lighting

Ikea Hacked Circuit BoardsAnyone who has ever been to my home knows I can’t live without Ikea. (I just can’t get enough!)

Over at Ikea Hackers, their submitters come up with some pretty awesome ways to modify Ikea furniture.  While mod and hacking are inherently geeky anyways, I would like to bring your attention to these circuit board fixtures by Sara Reller. Love!  Super geeky props to you, Sara.  She made these for $50 (with stuff left over) 3 HEMMA fixtures, and blank circuit boards.   Ikea stuff and a little creativity go a long way!