May 30

This Star Wars Derby Hat Takes the Prize

Stasia Star Wars hat - top view

I had the opportunity to spend some time at Kansas City’s longest-running science fiction convention, ConQuesT, this weekend. I ran into my friend Annastasia Webster, of Stasia Crafts, there, and her hat bowled me over. Stasia is known on the con circuit for her stunning hats, and this Star Wars confection was no exception.

“You just need a ton of crap and some hot glue,” was her advice to me on making unique headwear, but this was far from “crap” – she’s quite clever and inventive with her supplies.

Her hat featured Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2D2 figures, as well as a light saber. She mentioned that when she went looking for action figures, they were rather pricey, so she opted to grab some kid water bottles that had similar figures on top, and handy flat bottoms that sat nicely on her hat. The light saber? It’s a bubble wand! She just scraped off the bubble label, tossed the bubble contraption, and it was perfect.

Stasia Star Wars hat - side view

In the pic, you can also just make out her shawl, which she hand-knitted. Her talents are limitless!

What inventive creations have you seen at cons lately? Share with us in the comments below!

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September 5

Voom, Voom, Boing!

So say you have kids who love playing Star Wars, but you don’t want them to hurt themselves with whatever approximation of lightsabers they’ll create. Alternately, you might have fully grown friends or relatives who still like playing Star Wars, but, again, you still don’t want them to hurt themselves. Enter the pool noodle lightsaber. With nothing but pool noodles, a serrated knife, and three kinds of electrical/duct tape, Muddy Boots blogger Amy created safe-but-cool-as-hell lightsabers for her son and his birthday guests, then posted the handy-dandy tutorial so we can do the same. Additional photos and tutorials can be found around the interwebs, if Amy’s post isn’t enough for you.

August 15

Steampunk Lightsaber Awesomeness

Eventually I will stop posting about Jen Yates and her Lady Vadore costume, but I’m so intrigued! The pieces all look so cool—I can’t wait to see the final result. Anyway, in addition to the steampunk Darth Vader mask/helmet tutorial, she’s now posted a tutorial for a similarly steampunk lightsaber. Which, incidentally, doubles as a nifty nightlight. And, really, who doesn’t want a steampunk lightsaber nightlight?

June 1

HOWTO: DIY Star Wars Light Saber Lamp

diy star wars lightsaber desk lamp

I saw these Star Wars light saber lamps online recently and really wanted one for my sci-fi-themed office. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify spending $65 on it – and even if I could, they’re not actually out yet. Every place I have looked has them sold out or not available yet. But… could I make one? I remembered a toy light saber I had seen at recently for ~$10. I saw a DIY cityscape lampshade recently online not too long ago that I could use the same concepts for the shade. My daughter has an Ikea lamp that would be perfect for this. So, I made a Star Wars lightsaber lamp for about $20. Here’s how…

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June 16

501st Cloud City Garrison at the Starlight Parade

I got to see the 501st Cloud City Garrison marching at the Starlight Parade here in Portland the other week, which was really cool! They were definitely a crowd favorite. I spotted a couple of Darth Vaders, a regular Leia, a slave Leia, a Luke Skywalker in flight suit, light sabers galore, and many, many stormtroopers. One of many Cloud City Starlight videos is right here (filmed by GERUNDITE).

January 15

I (heart) Lightsabers Postcards

I (heart) Lightsabers PostcardsLast night I was doing some very important garden gnome research (seriously!) and came across The Nerd Nook on Etsy run by a husband and wife team. I bought this hand-carved gnome stamp for my own collection and then browsed through the entire shop to find all sorts of geeky carved stamps and paper goods, including these I (heart) lightsabers postcards, perfect for any Star Wars fan. You should also check out their clothing shop, Ten Shades of Awesome, full of geeky t-shirts.