July 30

PixelBrite: Programmable Pixel Light Panels

PixelBrite by LeoneLabs

I’m getting used to being in total awe of some of the creativity, innovation, and pure genius displayed by people all over the Internet. The Geek collective especially seems to be amply blessed in all three departments, and this Instructable inspired by the wonderful Close Encounters of the Third Kind, posted by LeoneLabs, is no exception.

Admittedly, this isn’t your easy-to-recreate kind of geekcraft. You’ll need to get your head around electronics, microcontrollers, a bit of code, and it looks like you’d need a fair bit of patience to do all of the optimising and stuff that LeoneLabs goes into in the later steps. The components and materials also cost in the region of $550, but when you look at the results (and there are more awesome images to drool over if you follow the link), it looks like $550 well spent!

Personally, I have nothing further than GCSE (10th grade) electronics knowledge, and probably even less experience wth microcontrollers. So I will just sit back and marvel at the greatness that is PixelBrite, and wish I had one. Or four.

June 1

HOWTO: DIY Star Wars Light Saber Lamp

diy star wars lightsaber desk lamp

I saw these Star Wars light saber lamps online recently and really wanted one for my sci-fi-themed office. Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify spending $65 on it – and even if I could, they’re not actually out yet. Every place I have looked has them sold out or not available yet. But… could I make one? I remembered a toy light saber I had seen at recently for ~$10. I saw a DIY cityscape lampshade recently online not too long ago that I could use the same concepts for the shade. My daughter has an Ikea lamp that would be perfect for this. So, I made a Star Wars lightsaber lamp for about $20. Here’s how…

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November 3

Dicey Decor Feature

Today I would like to put Claudia into the spotlight for her amazing crafting skill combine with geekyness.

I stumbled upon Claudia’s store when looking for Christmas presents for my geeky boyfriend. Claudia runs an Etsy store Dicey Decor. She makes and sells glass works based around Dice used for geeky games such as Dungeons & Dragons.
She makes model dice lamps, clocks, candle dishes, paperweights, keyrings, planters, picture frames, dice bowls + boxes. As you can see her work is amazing and perfect gifts for the geek in your life (or just for yourself). I truly recommend a visit to her store!

August 9

Tutorial Tuesday: R2D2 Lamp

Instructables contributor Nylanan put together this amazing tutorial on how to transform an old silver lamp into an  homage to our favourite comedy sidekick droid, R2D2.

lets have 3 random facts about R2D2:

  1. The actor that played him (Kenny Baker) actually REALLY didn’t get on with the actor that played C3po (Anthony Daniels). In-fact to this day they’ve got a really rocky relationship…
  2. Kenny Baker actually had rude pictures of ladies stuck to the inside of the helmet of his costume (!!!) to keep him amused during the long hours of filming!! SHOCKING!!
  3. A couple of months ago I went to a convention called “Collectormania” in Milton Keynes and saw Kenny Baker chasing* a guy dressed in Storm Trooper armour trying to hit him with his walking stick! The storm trooper turned around and said “That’s not very nice” and Kenny Baker’s handler replied “well , you did try to kill him!” – priceless!!

*well he uses a wheelchair now, so he was being pushed by a handler, which made the whole scene even more surreal!

March 23

Ikea Hacked Circuit Board Lighting

Ikea Hacked Circuit BoardsAnyone who has ever been to my home knows I can’t live without Ikea. (I just can’t get enough!)

Over at Ikea Hackers, their submitters come up with some pretty awesome ways to modify Ikea furniture.  While mod and hacking are inherently geeky anyways, I would like to bring your attention to these circuit board fixtures by Sara Reller. Love!  Super geeky props to you, Sara.  She made these for $50 (with stuff left over) 3 HEMMA fixtures, and blank circuit boards.   Ikea stuff and a little creativity go a long way!