March 23

Michelangelo Amigurami

Craftster user WolfDreamer had planned to make this for a few years and posted it just in time for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 27th anniversary. This is based on the original series Michelangelo. I love his nunchucks!  There’s a free pattern on her blog, and it can be modified to make any of the turtles. Raphael was always my favorite, what about you?

March 23

MythBusters Embroideries

MythBusters embroidery“I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

I just spotted CraftyOctober’s amazing MythBusters embroideries on Craftster, which were made as part of an embroidery diptych swap.

It’s the details of these seemingly simple pieces that amaze me: the metallic thread on the glasses and the careful attention to the texture of the hair. Especially Jamie’s gloriously bushy beard, which was made using a technique called turkey work.

March 23

Ikea Hacked Circuit Board Lighting

Ikea Hacked Circuit BoardsAnyone who has ever been to my home knows I can’t live without Ikea. (I just can’t get enough!)

Over at Ikea Hackers, their submitters come up with some pretty awesome ways to modify Ikea furniture.  While mod and hacking are inherently geeky anyways, I would like to bring your attention to these circuit board fixtures by Sara Reller. Love!  Super geeky props to you, Sara.  She made these for $50 (with stuff left over) 3 HEMMA fixtures, and blank circuit boards.   Ikea stuff and a little creativity go a long way!

March 22

Awesome Stenciled Lamp

Via Crafty Tardis

Anonymityblaize crafted this super-cool lamp, featuring some of our favourite ships from Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr Who (as well as other things) and yes I’m referring tot he TARDIS as a ship here, you got  a problem with that?! :-)

This is certainly the type of thing that’s bound to get the discussion-ball-rolling at house parties and family gatherings, as well as just being a genuinely AWESOME piece of functional decor.

March 22

Arcade Game Brooches

Arcade Pin“You call that a video game? Back in my day, we didn’t have swanky consoles to play games on. No sir! We had to go to a special place called an arcade. And we didn’t have no fancy things like ‘save points.’ You had three lives, and when they were gone, you had to start over! And did I ever tell you about the time I beat Ms. Pac-Man? It was the night of October 2, 1984…”

Does this sound a bit like you? Then perhaps you should pick up one of MafiosaGrrl’s sweet arcade machine brooches. They’re custom-made from felt, so you can model yours after your favorite retro arcade game.

Pin one to your jacket, and wait for the compliments…or the questions from young’uns who have no idea what the heck you’re wearing.

[Via Sew Lovely Embroidery]