January 26

Newspaper Box Robot

I was in downtown Hillsboro, Oregon last week and saw this mini-spectacle on Main St., right in front of a sandwich shop. Someone used dryer vents, cardboard, tin foil, duct tape, and a little crafty ingenuity to robotify this plain old Hillsboro Argus newspaper box! I was totally charmed, and my two-year-old LOVED it.

January 25

Embroidered Tentacle comin’ to get you!!!!

I HAVE to feature this because jemimah was recently ROBBED (robbed I tell ya!!) of a place in Craftster’s featured projects for January.

For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t, and I embroider!) this type of 3 dimensional embroidery is called stumpwork, and it’s formed by using wire to help support your embroidered piece. This little baby has (to date) amassed 6 pages of comments since the 16th January. It’s really blown our minds over on the needlework board, I’d never seen stumpwork before, and to see it used in such a contemporary way is truly stunning. this hoop is only 3 (or 4?) inches wide, this is a tiny tiny bundle of AWESOME!!

Cinnamoon has by far the best suggestion: “That’s amazing. It would be really cool to have a whole row of them at different heights so that it would look like a sea monster was coming through the wall.”, you’re not wrong Cinnamoon!!

January 24

Stargate Fair Isle Beanie

I want this hat. I NEED this hat. But I can’t knit, and I don’t know anyone who can do fair isle. I have tried to learn to knit, just so I can make this hat (I’m hopeless). Carol Schoenfelder posted this Stargate beanie over at Ravelry, and I truly think it’s the greatest hat ever.  She used the gate symbols as well as traditional fair isle patterns, making this subtly geeky and incredible cool.

There’s a free tutorial on her Ravelry page, which means someone can make this for me, right? Pretty please?

January 24


Soap Retro controller, Mountain Dew-type scentEveryone needs to get clean from time to time, and what better way to accomplish this than with a bar of soap shaped like an old-school NES controller?? Chrystal Doucette’s Digitalsoaps store on Etsy sells all kinds of gamer-shaped soaps: controllers for the NES, Xbox, and the Wii. There are even soaps shaped like actual games! Mortal Kombat II for the Sega, Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES, and even a Space Invaders Atari cartridge (with little green pixelated invaders available for purchase as well!) Do yourself a favor and click around the shop–you’ll find many more geeky gamer soaps.
Perhaps what I find most charming about these soaps is that they are scented to smell like Mountain Dew! This is truly a seller who’s in touch with her geek consumer base. The soaps are even vegan.