March 19

CMYK Starship Enterprise

CMYK Starship EnterpriseWhen sci-fi geekery meets ink cartridges and a little creativity, it turns into some really amazing art!  Artist Faith Pearson made scenes from sci-fi movies and tv shows using a ton of empty ink cartridges donated by Ink and Media Ltd.

My favorite is of course the Enterprise, but there are also amazingly photographed scenes from Godzilla and King Kong, and a pretty convincing space tunnel!  Check out the full gallery of images at Ink and Media Ltd.

CMYK Starship Enterprise

Star Trek on GeekCrafts

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March 16

Bahamut Dungeons and Dragons Cake

I don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, but I do love regular dragons so I appreciate how awesome this cake is. PLUS it has  raspberry compote filling, and  buttercream frosting! Craftster user olmulekiller made this gorgeous 12 inch layer buttermilk cake and covered it in geeky goodness. And it’s not fondant, it’s real frosting, which makes it so much more impressive. It’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost…

March 16

Barcode Chandelier

Barcode ChandelierGeekSugar, where I found this amazing chandelier, poses the question “Totally Geeky or Geek Chic?”  My vote is definitely GEEK CHIC!!  This is so cool, I’m not sure how anyone would think it’s too geeky.  It’s supposedly the barcode for Twinkies, but aside from buying a box and comparing the numbers, I can’t validate that claim.  (Any readers have a box of Twinkies handy?)   The link for image is broken (boo!) and a name, super-mobilet, is unfortunately the only info I can find for who actually made/sold this chandelier.  Looks like I’ll be creating my own instead!

Barcode Chandelier

[via GeekSugar]

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March 14


Hello lovely readers. As you probably could tell, we had a little blip in our hosting, but everything’s fixed and regular posting should resume tomorrow. Yay!

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March 9

1 Up Mushroom Quilt

Craftster user shan-E-bear made this “Mario 1up mushroom quilt of doom!” and it looks so cool! She said: “I was flipping through all the wonderful quilty and non quilty creations and I stumbled upon a mario pixel quilt, the husband who was playing video games behind me, went “awesome!” hence the birth of our first quilt together! And I did make him help!” I love how pixelated games translate so well into crafts like quilting, because then we get awesome stuff like this!