April 5

Weeping Angel Statue (with Tutorial!)

I’m a massive Dr Who fan. I love the old stuff, but I’ve got to say, hands down, the weeping angels are the best villains from the newer series’.

Craftster user Fayeven has really blown my mind this week by taking an old unwanted Barbie doll and converting it into a super creepy weeping angel statuette.

I don’t know about you, I’d LOVE to have one of these in my house, but I’d also be kinda afraid too, luckily Fayeven has reassured us:

“… do not worry for me who fans, I am placing a mirror directly opposite her so she will be trapped.”

Good thinking Fayeven!

Anyone like me considering re-purposing their old Barbies is in luck, as Fayeven has shared a tutorial on how you can make your own Creepy Weeping Angel Doll over on her blog and on Craftster.

April 4

Paper Goldeneye Remote Mines

I found this sweet website called Cut Score Fold and Glue that posts instructions about how to make your own paper sculptures. There are many many geeky posts for you to check out, but after searching specifically for Goldeneye 64 crafts,  I found (among numerous other creations) the instructions on how to cut/score/fold/glue remote mines!

I’m guessing they wouldn’t give quite the same satisfaction of throwing them in the game when they’re made out of paper, but maybe you could put one of those stick-on bathroom air fresheners inside to give it some weight/stickability. (That’s what the remote mines always reminded me of.)

April 3

Glee-Inspired Knitting

This great carousel horse chart was made by blogger, and Ravelry user, Alyssa Lynough.  This chart was inspired by the Glee episode Comeback, where Rachel pays Brittany to imitate her fashion, and instead spurs a trend of carousel sweaters.

“I mean, my carousel horse sweater should make me look like an institutionalized toddler but no – I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama,” says Santana.

This colorwork chart can be worked into almost  any simple sweater pattern, and is great for that special Gleek in your life.