April 19

Tutorial Tuesday! Azumarill Amigurumi – With Pattern!

I am a girl with a one track mind, and the tracks have shifted this week. I’m still hella-excited about the new series of Dr Who coming up, but that kind of obsession takes energy, which I do not have!… anyhow this week, my mind is on Pokemon!!

I’ve recently started (re-started) Pokemon Pearl. I’m a DS-aholic and I cannot afford either Pokemon black/white OR a new 3DS (and I’m quite suspicious that a 3DS might melt my brain… ) So I’m hoping Pearl will keep me occupied until those two ships have sailed… anyhow… enough about me… lets talk about crafts!

Craftster user and blogging superstar WolfDreamer . stitched up this adorable Azumarill Amigurumi. As she says in her craftster post:

“I figured this one is perfect for Easter.  Part Easter egg,  part bunny”

I figure you’re right WolfDreamer! … But wait!! there’s more!! WolfDreamer has also made the crochet pattern availiable for free on her blog!!… I love it when bloggers do that… now all I need to do is learn to crochet

April 19

Frankenstein Monster Mary Jane shoes

Frankenstein Mary Jane shoesAre the seasonal pastels and flower prints not really your cuppa tea?  Then slip on these Frankenstein Monster Mary Jane shoes for a touch of creepy-cute springtime style.

Made by Lindsay, you can snag these at her Etsy store Em & Sprout, as well as other adorable designs featuring vampires, hedgehogs, and peanut butter and jelly.

April 18

Doctor Van Whoopla

There is just so much awesome in this hoop! Craftster user onegroovyday made this for the Hoopla Round 4 swap, and I am seriously jealous of her partner! Even if she had stopped at the Van Gogh part it would have been gorgeous, but it just keeps getting better! The theme for Round 4 was a diptych–so it had to be two related hoops. And the second hoop is in the TARDIS!! There are more pictures in the post, and I highly recommend you go look, there’s SO much detail. Here is something else amazing: onegroovyday has never seen Doctor Who! “I have never watched Doctor Who…. I did a lot of image searching and some you tube viewing…”

April 18

Space Invaders Hat!

I can’t knit… and people like Craftster user queenofmarigold really make me want to learn.

Queenofmarigold knit this super cute reversible space invaders ear flap hat and figured out how to do the space invaders sprites herself! I’m sure to those of you out there who knit that’s a “Well DUH that’s pretty easy.. all you gotta do is…” … but to us non-knitters it’s like WITCHCRAFT!… awesome witchcraft…