January 11

NES Bedding

For a second, lets take a moment out of our busy lives to thank God for Instructables.

Yes, that is what you think it is, a queen sized bed with handmade NES themed bedding!

Imagine sleeping in this, dreaming about Duck Hunt, shooting your light gun… wow… I NEED IT!!.. you need it too?! you’re in luck!! (kinda) Looks like rpaxton might be looking to make another and sell it on E-bay since the one she sold in December 2010 made a whopping:


that’s £278

Wow… it kinda makes me hope that one day I might be able to make money out of this stuff too! HAH – NOW who’s dreaming!

January 11

Brain Bracelet

Brain BraceletWearing your heart on your sleeve is so cliche. How about wearing your brain on your wrist?

Amy Sweetman’s store, Anatomology, is chock-full of gorgeous anatomy-inspired jewelry, such as this eye-catching brain bracelet.

What intrigues me the most is the unique magnet-based clasp, which is designed to keep the charm from drooping on the delicate silver-plated chains.

This line wasn’t born out of a gothic obsession with human organs, though. Sweetman, a professor of psychology with a focus on neuroscience, created the collection as a way to heal from a devastating breakup.

Her works centers on the heart, brain, and spine, and each piece of jewelry comes with an inspiring message such as courage, integrity, or harmony.

January 10

“The Burrow” inspired Gingerbread House

I know Christmas was weeks ago, but Craftster’s Monthly challenge (due by today) was a Gingerbread House Contest. Among the unbelievable entries was mezcraft‘s Harry Potter inspired Burrow. She used two different gingerbread recipes to get different colored gingerbread, plus candy, cinnamon sticks, and cereal for the thatched roof. She even added the Weasley sweaters on a laundry line outside! I can’t get over how BIG it is, and how much detail she packed on (I still can’t believe it’s a gingerbread house)! Voting for the challenge starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see how she does!

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January 10

Mortal Kombat felt dolls

Mortal Kombat felt dolls Mortal Kombat felt dolls

Terri, b/k/a etsy seller TerriFluffShop, is selling these awesome felt dolls of Mortal Kombat 3 characters Sindel and Cyrax . Although these characters are a little more obscure than your Johnny Cages and Liu Kangs, they are really well done. Just check out all the details on Cyrax’s armor! He even comes with his signature green web! (Or is it a net? I say it’s a web…)
If MK plushies are something you think you need, but maybe not in the form of Sindel or Cyrax, Terri says she can do other characters upon request! I would love a lil fuzzy Rayden or Scorpion in my craft room…

And check here to see Sindel’s notoriously terrible appearance in Mortal Kombat Annihilation (the second MK movie).

January 10

Microbial Friends Magnets

It took me a little while, but I finally figured out what your fridge is missing, an amoeba and a paramecium.

These adorable magents come together and are bright and fun and begging to be on a magnetic surface of yours.

Be sure to check out What.No Mints? for even more fun microbial friends!

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