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March 14

Nom nom – International Pi Day!

Nom nom - International Pi Day

Today is the 14th of March and that can only mean one thing. No, I don’t mean the birthday of Albert Einstein and Johann Strauss, I mean International Pi day! According to the Pi Day website:

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (a Greek letter) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

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March 25

D&D Monster Man, and D12 Dice Bag pattern

While clicking around on StumbleUpon, my son recently stumbled upon this little beauty – a wonderfully entertaining 4-1/2 minute video of Brad Knight, the self-proclaimed D&D Monster Man. He does impressions of what he imagines Dungeons & Dragons monsters sound like. I certainly can’t refute him.

D&D Monster Man Brad Knight

While imaginative, his impression talent is not very crafty, so I dug up a D&D-inspired craft to share, complete with tutorial: the d12 Handbag (of Holding) from Evil Mad Scientist Labs.

d12 Dice Handbag (of Holding)

Perfect for an impromptu RPG session, or a night on the town, this DIY dodecahedron will make you the envy of geeks and fashionistas alike.

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February 8

My first post!

My name is Spyral. I’m pretty much a mad scientist of crafts (think Young Frankenstein not Human Centipede).

This is my first post on Geek Crafts. It was supposed to be posted yesterday but better late than never. I am wicked excited to be contributing to Geek Crafts! I love odd things therefore, a lot of my work is reflects that in some crazy way. Since I am weird, and slightly narcissistic,  for my first post I thought I would share some of my more abnormal creations with you all.

This is a cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros necklace. If you’re a medical geek you know that cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros means “connected at the head and thorax.” It is one of my tattoos. I like to think of them as a symbol of sisterly love. My sister and I are connected at the head and heart. Cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros is on display at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, my Mecca. If you don’t know about the Mutter Museum I believe it’s a crime against humanity not to click this link

This pattern was originally posted on the AntiCraft. While I was knitting it I got lazy and made a few changes. I also turned them into heat pads.

This is a tiny Old Gregg that I knitted for my little brother. I think it came out just awful but my brother likes it.

This is a Fetus Coin Purse. I found the pattern on The AntiCraft. I love that site! It is really creative.

I joke and call this piece my masterpiece. It was my first time knitting with multiple colors. It’s a Cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros bag.

You can find more messed up stuff on my craft blog: SPYRALEYES DESIGNS

May 31

Legend of Zelda Cucco Bracelet

Legend of Zelda Cucco Bracelet“Next up on the Hyrule Evening News: our special report, When Cuccos Attack!”

Anyone who’s played a Legend of Zelda game knows the perils of picking on these seemingly benign creatures. If Link smacks ’em around one time too many, they’ll swarm him in a flurry of vengeful, feathered fury.

Liyo –a research scientist by day, crafter by night– has captured this dramatic scene in a cute plastic bracelet.

She also offers various kawaii rings and bracelets featuring other Nintendo favorites such as Zelda and Super Mario Bros. over at her Etsy store LiyoLabs.