December 13

Tutorial Tuesday: Book Pendant

t’is the season to make stuff for people because you’re too poor to buy them actual gifts from actual shops :-)

That being the case, here I am again to help you find awesome tutorials from around the interwebs. Here’s Malmow‘s stack-of-books pendant, she tells you how she made it here.

Great for bookworms and student friends alike, you could even try and etch tiny tiny titles and authors on the teeny tiny spines, DO IT!

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December 10



As an avid Warehouse 13 fan, I’ve searched high and low for awesome Warehouse 13 crafts. The results are saddening.

However, I managed to come across this amazing Farnsworth necklace based off the communicators used by the agents of Warehouse 13. The Farnsworths, invented by Philo Farnsworth (inventor of the television), are a Warehouse exclusive. But now you can have your own, just hanging around your neck or pinned to your jacket.

Just be sure to answer when Artie calls.

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December 6

Tutorial Tuesday: Dinosaur Necklace!

Via Craftster

So, here’s something every self-respecting geek-crafter needs to know.

Shrink plastic can be anything you desire.

And like a towel, a pair of pliers are essential kit you should never leave the house without.

Craft blogger Cthuliz shows us all how to make her awesome shrink plastic dinosaur necklace in this great tutorial.

December 5

Bottled Babel Fish

Today I would like to share with you the skills of a talented lady, Lydia Niziblian.

Here in her Shottlebop Store, among the many spectacular creations, she pays tribute to the delightfully geeky Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by bottling the Babel fish to provide us with “Instant Universal Translation”

It is available as a rocking necklace or as a awesome pair of earrings.

As well as making delightful bottled concoctions she also works with silver and gold to create unique handmade jewellery.

September 15

Minecraft Creeper Necklace

Minecraft Creeper NecklaceIn celebration of the release of Minecraft Beta v1.8 yesterday, here is a wonderful Creeper necklace by milkool on Etsy.  If you type “creeper” into the search box on Etsy, you will find tons of stuff.  So much stuff in fact, that it’s hard to sift through it all to find the real gems.

This isn’t the first time milkool has been featured on Geekcrafts.  A pair of her creeper necklaces were featured in a post back in july.  Her shop is full of awesome adornments for the geek in your life, and her crafts are always awesome.

Check out the Creeper Necklace!

Visit milkool on Etsy!

More Creepers on Geekcrafts!

August 24

Beaded Tom Baker “Scarf”

More Doctor Who goodness! I love the fourth Doctor’s (Tom Baker) Scarf. But I can’t knit and all of the replicas available on etsy are out of my price range. But this is brilliant: a beaded scarf necklace! España Sheriff made this for a friend, who was getting ready for her first Gallifrey One convention (cosplaying as Tom Baker, of course). She used 15/0 Toho rounds, in a combination of matte, metallic and transparent finishes.

A lot of the comments on the post at Crafty_Tardis said that they loved that it was “stealth geek chic”: to geeks it’s instantly identifiable and when you see one there’s no question that the wearer is a Whovian, but to everyone else it’s just a really cute necklace. Either way, I want one!