May 7

Link’s Awakening Sprite Stitch

links awakening sprite stitch

Crafting and 8-bit video games are a perfect combination. You can use beading, quilting, and of course, cross stitching to spark a bit of life in your favorite characters.

At Sprite Stitch, it’s all about geeky stitching. User caslzelda created this scene from Link’s Awakening. I love the colored heart in the center of the piece.

April 9

Star Wars Pillow and Blanket

Star Wars pillow and blanket

In just a year, I’m going to be finished with college. Soon, I’ll have to decide what to do with the rest of my life! Every time I see a baby in a pram or stroller, I squee with delight, so little geeky addition sounds just lovely. Young children are a great inspiration for crafts. I honestly can’t wait to turn our study into a Nintendo-themed bedroom and start finger-painting Pokémon with the little ones.
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March 12

Amazingly Detailed Star Wars Cross Stitch

Check. This. Out:

Star Wars Cross Stitch

This is an impressive piece of work. I’m always amazed by the time and care taken over large projects –  probably because I have only the patience to stitch emoticons and Space Invaders. This amazingly detailed work depicting Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker really shows that hard work pays off.

Check out the original post on Tumblr. The creater of this piece made the pattern themselves using, uploading an image they found online. I’d love to know how many differrent colours of thread were needed!