December 1

Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt by Punk Projects

While I have a fondness for a variety of fandoms, I would probably have to say I am most fond of Star Trek. There’s just so much to love! That’s why I was drawn to this Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt project by Katie Smith at Punk Projects.

Her tutorial looks so easy – a couple of spritzes of bleach on a black t-shirt, some dabs of paint, a speedy little Enterprise and boom, you’re off to seek out new life and new civilizations!

I love how subtle it is – you’d really have to look for that little Enterprise, but for the trained eye, it would be like an Easter Egg on a shirt. :)

A fun related note – Katie is already known for her Star Trek crafts, as seen in her Star Trek Christmas ornaments project I have previously featured. She also contributed the Starfleet Uniform Apron project (p 80) to my Star Trek Crafts book!

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September 6

DIY: Doctor Who Heels


When running away across time and space, with a madman with a box, one needs the proper foot wear. Wen waiting for said madman with a box to run away with, one needs the proper footwear. Over at Doodle Craft there are detailed instructions on how to create your very own pair of Doctor Who shoes. You can decide for which scenario they are for.  I’d go with both, and work up a pair of ballet flats. A girl has to be ready to RUN!

April 27

Friday Round-Up: Fish with Feet

So, this week’s Friday Round-Up celebrates one of my heroes, Darwin. The well-known two legged take on the ichthys symbol  is used by fans of evolution (can a scientific theory have fans? Does it matter if it does or not? It’s popularity’s kinda irrelevant; it’s still true…). Darwin Fish (Or Tonys, as all good Feeters know) are rough depictions of Ichyostega, the remains of which are important transitional fossils between tetrapods and fish, since they have a tail and gulls akin to fish but amphibian style skull and limbs.

So, I present to you my ten favourite crafts in honour of both Darwin and Tony…

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March 24

Let the Games Begin…

Let the Games Begin... And with the opening of the new Hunger Games movie, based on the book, of the same name, they have. I may be one of the few people left who have not read the books yet but I recognize the symbols from it after all the publicity surrounding it.

I also recognize hand crafting talent and these pieces definitely fall in that category. A stenciled shirt and polymer pins bearing the Mockingjay symbol hat people have come to know from this series. The work of Miss K, daughter of PJCrafty, her mother who is very talented as well, the pins and shirt are just a few of the fandom items she has created in the past couple of years.

I do believe, the odds will always be in her favor with this kind of crafty talent.

February 9

Teeny Little Super Guy

Remember him? “You can’t judge a hero by his size. He’s just a teeny little super guy.” 

I was thinking about him the other day, (we were watching some old school Sesame Street) I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to have one of those cups? Then I thought, I’m sure I could find one on Etsy.

Guess what? NO! No teeny super guy on Etsy! I couldn’t believe it! Everything is on there. So I had to make one myself. I’m not a great painter, but he’s not too bad for a first try.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get paint for glass. I thought I did, but I ended up getting just plain acrylic. It’s not durable, or washable, but if you just want to keep it on a shelf it’s fine. You need Yellow, Red, Tan, and Black.
  2. Print out the little super guy, or draw him freehand (what I did) on a piece of paper.
  3. Put the paper inside the glass. Now just paint in the lines.

That’s all. It only took a few minutes. I made him on a mason jar, and I use him as a piggie bank on the top of my fridge. I sing the song every time I put a coin in. Now you can have your own little super guy.


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