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June 6

Reader Submission: Light Up Portal Sentry Turret Plush

We’ve seen a few Portal crafts here on Geekcrafts. Indeed, across the internet, portal crafts have become a bit of a meme in themselves.

But when Geekcrafts reader and Deviantartist MelloReflections sent us her light up sentry turret plush it really caught our eye… I mean, what could be more ‘geekcrafts’ than a plush, modelled on a game, with electronic bits!!

I love things that light up!

Have you made something that lights up? Hit us up by filling in the submit a geekcraft form.

April 24

Portal Treasury

In honour of Portal 2 being released this week, my Etsy Treasury of the Week is, you guessed it, Portal themed! Remember to click on thepicture to be taken to the actual treasury where you can check out all of the awesome geekiness!

April 22

Crochet Portal Blanket

Portal BlanketRaise your hand if you’re thrilled about the release of Portal 2 this past week!

What are you doing, raising your hand? If you were really that excited, you’d have both hands firmly glued to your controller right now. You totally don’t love Portal enough. You’ve made GLaDOS very sad.

At least, you don’t love Portal the way Doctor Moo does.  She showed her devotion by stitching up an amazing crochet blanket featuring the morbidly hilarious warning signs from the original Portal.  What have you done for GLaDOS lately, hmm? (Okay, I stop with the guilt-tripping now. I haven’t even finished the first game!)

It took her over 74 hours to crochet and measures a whopping nine feet by six feet (more than big enough to snuggle under with a Companion Cube). She’s offered it for sale on her Etsy shop, which also features some other wonderfully geeky crochet creations.

March 1

Geeky Confection Box Makeovers

Geeky cupcake box makeover by Lisa Kay Tate

Got a party occasion coming up, and looking for a geeky party favor or decorations? Lisa Kay Tate of Minion Feeding 101, and contributor to Geek Mom, has ya covered!

She offers a geek-tastic round-up of five ways you can put your crafting superpowers to use, spanning a variety of fandoms. Using plain cupcake or bonbon boxes you can find in the baking section of most major craft stores, she gave them each a makeover to depict the Tesseract Infinity Stone, Shakri cubes (which she calls Countdown Cubes) from Doctor Who, Minecraft Creepers, Rubik’s Cubes, and Portal Companion Cubes. Her post includes printables downloads and links to templates, so be sure to check it out!

How have you used your crafting superpowers to create geeky party favors or decorations? Please share with a comment below!

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